Visibility Coach for Entrepreneurs

Integrate your shadows & thrive in the spotlight

Visibility Coach for Entrepreneurs

Integrate your shadows & thrive in the spotlight

Ready to stop hiding? Book a complimentary 30-minute Visibility Consultation so you can transmute your visibility blocks into the fuel to show up confidently online.

I feel so loved, accepted + respected.

“Having a witness like Helena is so extraordinarily valuable because she makes the very intense + uncomfortable experience of a new level of self emerging so real. I feel so loved, accepted + respected in all my most vulnerable ‘parts’ because Helena has a way of fortifying people who are hiding due to the status quo – she breathes life + fire into the most wobbly places leaders of consciousness innately have.”

– Kathleen Prophet, Entrepreneur + Writer

The real deal.

“Helena is the real deal – a truly transcendent teacher.”
– Tracy Zumbhalen, Energy Healer

Attention, presence + transformation.

“Helena carries wisdom in such a gracious way & she generously pours all of that into her container and showers everyone with the sort of attention, presence + transformation for which she should charge three times the amount.”

– Doris G. Navarro, Ph.D., Feminine Embodiment Coach & Circle Facilitator,
Founder of Woman of Gaia

About Helena

Helena T.M. Grant, Visibility Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, helps you integrate the shadows causing your visibility blocks & cultivate a resilient nervous system so you can THRIVE in the spotlight.

Helena uniquely synthesizes the spirit realm with concrete business strategy which creates a healing bridge between the Material & Metaphysical so you can come into soul-level alignment with the delivery of your sacred work + bring your wholeness into your business.

Through life-changing summits, group programs and 1:1 coaching, working with Helena means you will grow your audience platform because you have crystalline clarity around who you help, the transformation you provide, all while mastering the tools needed to easefully stand out from the crowd & show up online with unshakeable confidence as a multi-modality business owner.