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Hello, WHOA-MAN!

Yeah, that’s right. You are a bombshell. A knockout. A GODDESS.

And I mean, come on. We all know woman came first.  

(Sorry, Adam. You’ve been lied to all these years).

So I want to know…when did women start shaming themselves? Where did we go so awry and move away from our essence? Our POWER?

I know it’s on the INSIDE but it is up to us to change the conversation with ourselves.

Starting Monday, November 26th I’m hosting a Body Positivity Celebration because we women are miraculous machines and when we honor the vessel given to us, our bodies respond in amazing ways.

Join me in this 7-day online summit of everything that makes us *WHOA-MEN* beautiful.

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How will you fete your fabulousness? Let me help you. Get ready to accessorize and ignite your femininity.


Below is what I wrote in response to a recent incident when I bore witness to my 4 year-old daughter being body-shamed. It was perfectly innocent but it was not ok.

And so I truly believe…


It is up to us

to change the conversation –

alter shame and perspective

turn them into celebration.

Different is not bad,

change is not the enemy;

uniqueness makes us powerful

we are a force all our own.

It is up to us

to embrace who we are

as we are, eternally

without restraint.

Our strength resides within

where it is easy to protect,

and sometimes hide,

because that is what we think we must do.

It is up to us –

the we of femininity,

from which all life originates,

to change the conversation



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I keep wondering where it began, this conversation that leads women to self-loathing.

We can blame so many external influences and though i don’t deny that other people’s words have a profound impact (I’ve been the victim of body-shaming, too) I feel all the more called to empower each one of us against the harshest critic of all – ourselves.

When we embrace who we are, as we are, we are more powerful and our bodies (and brains) respond positively to our desires.

But when we beat ourselves up, when we fixate on the “fat” and “imperfections” we hinder our progress.

Let’s do something about it.

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It’s about choice and how we chose to support ourselves in our efforts. Choice in how we express ourselves.

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Foundational Pieces for a Fabulous Wardrobe

Foundational Pieces for a Fabulous Wardrobe

You know the feeling the instant you put on the garment.

You are powerful. Unstoppable. Ready for anything.

And it doesn’t have to be an anomaly.

With a wardrobe comprised of carefully selected, well-curated pieces, you can step into any outfit, any time and experience the confidence you need to tackle any day in every way.

It’s not about quantity.  It’s about QUALITY.

Not long ago, for me, it was the opposite. I was shopping all the time and had serious closet overwhelm. Every time I got dressed, all my clothes would end up on the bed.

The process went something like this:

Vacate the closet… exhaust myself putting together something that might get compliments because a lot of it was new.

Shove everything back in the closet.



In my journey away from those slightly {ahem} “shopaholic” tendencies, I now embrace that the overstuffed racks of a fast fashion store will not solve my problems.

What we wear says so much more without speaking and I have found that an empowered feeling comes from garments that stand for something; clothes with a deeper message and meaning; clothes that support me in my life and lifestyle because they are glamorous no matter what I am doing whether it is gliding to a client meeting or running around with my 4-year-old.

When you are curating your wardrobe, one that allows you to dress intuitively, I recommend starting with a foundation of pieces that are both fabulous and versatile.


Here are my picks:


1)   UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING DRESS: dresses are ALWAYS my go-to because the eliminate decision fatigue: one garment. Zip. Done. Accessorize as necessary. And there’s a dress style that looks good on EVERYONE and is appropriate for every occasion: cap-sleeve, natural waist, flared skirt. One of my personal favorites for this type of design is the line called Lalla Bee because everything she creates is perfection on its own.


The dress I am wearing (pictured here) is even more memorable when I #PutABeltOnIt and finish the look with tights, booties and a metallic blazer.



The embroidered florals add an extra feminine touch, the stretch in the sleeves means I can hail a cab as easily as I can lift my 42-lbs mini-me.



And the pockets…ohhhh, the POCKETS! Set me free! Deep enough and hidden between the folds of the skirt, ready to take up the weight of my car key, phone, a lipstick.  



Best of all, this is a design that make me feel like doing a twirl. Clothes are a celebration – they should make you want to dance as quickly as they should make you feel like you can take on the world.


Shop this dress and all other Lalla Bee styles for a 20% discount!


2)   SWEATER THAT FEELS LIKE A ROBE: There are those items you feel like you could live in – they are so versatile that they look equally fabulous with your yoga clothes as they do with jeans or a dress and boots.



You try it on and you just know. You think: I can’t live without it and what did I do before I had it? It wraps around you perfectly, cinches at the waist and highlights all your best assets making you feel like the goddess that you are.



This particular Portmanteau was partly inspired by me when I styled the fashion show for La Fille Colette. This powerhouse designer has been on my radar since 2016. Her designs are unique, forward thinking and, best of all, her clothes are sustainably made in America with incredible craftsmanship and quality materials. The Portmanteau is the newest addition to her line and I plan to live in it every season from now to eternity.



Shop La Fille Colette for the Portmanteau and all other style with THIS LINK and receive a 10% discount off your purchase.


3)   OUTERWEAR THAT PROTECTS AND PROJECTS: Wherever you live, you likely need some sort of outerwear whatever your geography.



We on the East Coast (i.e. New England), multiple coats and jackets are required to span the range of weather we encounter. But the one style that is sure to be worn incessantly? The Classic Trench Coat. For me this one by Yellowcake was love at first glance. The minute I put it on I knew I had a lifer with its impeccable tailoring, thick and sturdy twill, cavernous pockets and best of all, stretch along the underside of the sleeves. I wear it as a topper and as a dress – it’s that amazing.  



Go ahead, rain on my parade. In this trench I will never feel a drop.


I work with these labels of an affiliate basis because I BELIEVE wholeheartedly in the women behind the brands.


I know them personally and I know their products well. Because you are a part of my amazing audience, I can offer you beneficial discounts on these above listed items that will surpass most of what is currently in your wardrobe.  

**Beware: WATERFALL EFFECT in the direction of a well-curated closet is a distinct possibility.**

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