7 Style Questions

7 Style Questions

2. DO
6. WHO
7. ONE

The overwhelm is totally understandable and, to be honest, sometimes I experience it, too.

I know, I know… I’m a STYLIST. Getting dressed is my job and helping people make it fun and easy is what I do for a living.

Even for me, there are days that are a little harder than others. So many logistics to juggle, so many things to do, places to be. And sometimes, it’s just me in my home office hosting Touched By A Goddess sessions for virtual clients and I could probably get away with wearing something presentable on top and my jammies on the bottom.

BUT that is NOT how I roll.

Because what you were is not just a message to the world but, most importantly, a message to yourself.

Never have we had so many options and yet felt totally lost in terms of what will help us look and feel our best.

We are bombarded by: buy this, BUY THIS and yet how do we make all the pieces work together? How do we make getting dressed intuitive so that we don’t have to think, don’t need to feel judged and no longer have to struggle?

I’m on a quest to find out and I designed these 7 Style Questions to help you get to the root of how you want to feel on any given day and how to craft an outfit that will align with your desires and your needs – that’s the magic of STYLE.

1)   How do you want to FEEL?
2)   What do you have to DO?
3)   What is the WEATHER?
4)   How will you get around? What is your TRANSPORTATION?
5)   What would you wear if none of it mattered?
6)   WHO are you being?
7)   What ONE item most closely aligns with all of the above?

1) How do you want to FEEL?
If you only ask yourself one question, let it be this one.

Let me paint you a picture: you wake up, you’re exhausted and you need to get your day underway so this first question might have absolutely nothing to do with your current state-of-mind at the time.

This is the moment when the default mode typically kicks in and you reach for what you’ve been wearing the past couple of days (maybe no one will notice?) because you want the process to be over with and does it really matter anyways?


Clothes are a tangible factor in your manifestation of the life you desire and deserve.

This is also the moment where your Style Directives come into play which is something I help clients identify in 1:1 session and in group style coaching.

Here are some examples of where to start with your own Style Directives but feel free to fill in your own blanks.

Turn the question into a statement:

Today I want to FEEL _______.
Today I want to FEEL beautiful.
Today I want to FEEL confident.
Today I want to FEEL unique.

Select a powerful word and watch what happens when you go to pick out what you are going to wear.

2) What do you have to DO?
What tasks lie ahead?
Where do I need to be?
What is on my calendar?

3) What is the WEATHER?
One of my adages is: there is no such thing as bad weather if you have the right gear.

This is especially applicable in the climes of the northeast where I spend the bulk of my time.

To me, a stylish woman is someone who can as easily flit around a beach as she can trudge through a slushy mud puddle in the middle of winter. It’s about being PREPARED and there’s nothing that will sap you of all confidence faster than dressing inappropriately for the weather.

Shivering and sniffling versus brazen and bold?

Put on a sweater and take your pick.

4) How will you get around? What is your TRANSPORTATION?
This is one of the few times we take care of the HOW – usually “how” is what we leave up to the Universe while we focus on the WHAT but in the instance of transportation, it’s logistical shit that must be considered.

Will you be driving? Walking? Taking public transportation?

5) WHAT would you wear if none of it mattered?
This question is a marked departure from the previous four and it invites you to take just 7 seconds to clear your mind and think: if I could chose to wear anything, what would I WANT to wear?

A vintage dress? A sequined romper? Don’t dismiss the desire regardless of how impractical it might be. Instead, acknowledge the item and take a breath while envisioning what your day would look like if you did decide to wear it. Have fun with the process. It’s good for you and your closet.

6) WHO are you being?
This question ties you into the Quantum Field which is a very scientific way of saying “the-benevolent-Universe-that-wants-to-give-you-everything-you-ever-wanted” but which responds best when you not just state what you want but you inhabit the desire.

You have choices:

Are you being the put-upon mom who is too tired to care about herself?


Are you being the billionaire who has it all?

Take your pick and dress accordingly.

7) What ONE item most closely aligns with all of the above?
Likely this item has already presented itself during your inquiry and if not, or if it needs some refining, refer to the 3 Antidotes.


DISCLAIMER: I always encourage EVERYONE to take some time to plan their outfits THE NIGHT BEFORE.

This allows time to locate everything and eliminate the morning shuffle/scramble/panic.

I know you did it in grade school… and high school… and maybe like me, in college and beyond.

It’s a strategy that works and I give you full permission to start employing it again.

These questions work at any time and best when accompanied by some space to fully expand as you step into the horizon of your ideal life.

Do yourself a favor, consider the process of getting dressed to be self-care because, after all, Your Closet is an Altar.

To hear me discuss these 7 Style Questions live, tune into a recent episode of THE HELENA SHOW where I touch on each one.

And, if you are looking to delve deeper into making your current closet work better for you, CLICK HERE to book a Touched By A Goddess virtual session. It’s my cornerstone offering and in just 1 hour we will create 3 complete looks (which represent countless outfits) that will have you rocking out at life whether it’s for an event, travel or anything in between.


Here are 7 Recommended Answers for the above

7 Style Questions:



A chiffon blouse is a must-have wardrobe staple – perfect alone or layered under blazers, sweaters and even knit dresses. Go for a print, buttons up front and at cuffs for ultimate versatility.


  • Client meetings
  • Networking
  • Pick up kids from school

A tailored blazer takes you everywhere you need to be while reminding you of how cool and beautiful you already are.


  • 3-Season
  • Outerwear
  • Layerable

Change out the sash for a cinched belt and you have yourself a wrap dress.


  • Walking
  • Driving
  • Public Transport

A stacked heel bootie supports you whether you are in a Maserati or on the MTA.


Just think of the day you would have wearing something statement-making like this jumpsuit? If you can’t make it work maybe it’s time to create a day that would be perfect for something like this?


Inhabit your desire with a cashmere crewneck that works as a tee shirt (worn against the skin) and as a layerable sweater. Accessible luxury for everyone from the mom to the multi-millionaire.


Bringing it all together with just ONE piece.

Accessorize accordingly.