Lack Holding You Back?

Lack Holding You Back?

I recently worked with a client, let’s call her Francesca*. She had her work wardrobe down pat and felt empowered and confident every day of the week.

Except Saturday and Sunday.

And anytime she got dressed to go on a date with her boyfriend.

Or go out with friends…

The reality of her closet made her dread off-duty time and she was seeking fast, easy-fix style solutions at places like Target and H&M, which she had identified was making the situation worse.

She knew there was a gaping hole in her wardrobe. But, because it represented her personal life, and not “professional,” she was seeking fast-fashion solutions that compromised her self-worth.

Lack was holding her back.

Her closet was not in HARMONY.

She didn’t feel worthy of looking and feeling beautiful and powerful in the clothes she wore to restore herself on the weekends.

As an entrepreneur she thought that only her work wardrobe deserved attention.

Listening to her, I identified viscerally with her struggle and was transported to a time that was easy to re-live emotionally, when I didn’t want to get out of bed on a Saturday morning because I felt like I didn’t have anything to wear.

Lack was holding me back.

I wanted it to be Monday when things were more clear-cut and I knew exactly what to wear.

These experiences, the ones I have lived myself or helped my clients overcome, drives me in my work as a personal stylist and also lead to my design of the Style Archetypes™ as a way to understand the most effective way for women to express themselves through their clothing.

Francesca was exhibiting a strong CEO Style Archetype™ but so many of the other six archetypes were out of balance which was interfering with her living life to the fullest – ummm hello? Not wanting to go out with her boyfriend and her friends because she didn’t like the clothes she had to wear for this activities?


Her DANCER needed attention, the energy that would enable her to embrace her curves, and her GYPSY was calling for liberation.

After our session, Francesca now cultivates her style with pieces from stores that support the newfound vision of herself.

She now has a closet that supports her life and lifestyle.

*I highly value the confidentiality of my clients and thus all names have been changed.


On April 27, 2019 I am hosting a Style Archetype™ Workshop at my Downtown Boston studio.

I will be unveiling a whole new way to understand what is YOU and how to harness the power of your current closet and make the best decisions possible in future purchases.

for more information and to sign up.