5 Signs You Are a Torchbearer Entrepreneur

5 Signs You Are a Torchbearer Entrepreneur

While a conditioned part of you might think that only white males in the tech industry can call themselves “entrepreneurs”…

…I invite you to take a moment to focus your attention to the etymology of the word entrepreneur which, derived from French, directly translates as to take in hand.

I think we can all agree our world has seen a significant rise + surge of those willing to identify a need, take it in hand, and HEAL it.

So essentially, with a generous dose of the commutative property, you could say all entrepreneurs are actually healers.

And vice versa.

Using the label of “Torchbearer Entrepreneur” came to me in response to a vision I had during recent dream:

Wearing a long cloak, I hold a large torch.
I lead a group of people through a thick darkness.

Upon waking, I felt a spark in my heart that I knew others had as well – a burning desire to see in the dark through eyes of remembrance + transmit the knowledge that accompanies this ability.

Below please find some indicators you are a Torchbearer Entrepreneur:


1) You have visionary tendencies

You swing in both directions – you hold the highest vision + can also see the apocalyptic possibilities.

This can feel deeply uncomfortable at times when you don’t have the support of guides, mentors + community to share in the sensation of having this capacity.

You can easily get “stuck” envisioning the horrible outcomes instead of channeling that powerful energy towards also envisioning a radiant future.

Because you fixate, it represents your ability to concentrate + you recognize the responsibility that comes with managing your visions.


2) You identify as an Empath

You feel it all in your body – maybe it shows up as pain, blockages, tension, or chronic syndromes with no clear treatment.

Due to the access you have with your visionary tendencies (see #1 above) you also bear the brunt of other peoples’ unprocessed pain + unconscious actions.

You feel the suffering of others and it can literally + figuratively HURT.

This is a beautiful ability.

Maybe you feel sensitive – like you need to pretend you are an introvert in order to protect yourself from FEELING.

Instead of letting your heart continue to bleed, it’s time to let your body lead.

You may have been raised to consider your feelings + emotions represented a liability – something to get rid of or override.

But guess what?

These empathic responses might actually lead you to the greatest treasure a.k.a. the grail, the Philosopher’s Stone, the pearl of great price.

And in attuning your body + mind, shaping your whole self into an instrument of the Divine, you can actively participate in building the new paradigm and leverage the intelligence of your empathic + empathetic abilities.

You are not pathetic – rather you have empathetic SUPERPOWERS.


3) You feel a lot of overwhelm re: visibility

You wake up every day + don’t know where to start.

So instead you start the doomscroll on social media – or the mindless eating… or other versions of escapist self-sabotage.

You might call it “self-doubt” + “lack of confidence” but in reality, to have the witch/woman/mother wound keeping you from fully expressing yourself + receiving the love and acknowledgement represented by Mother Money.

This actually represents passion + drive – but takes the form of power that lacks direction.

Which, to you, translates as the dreaded feeling of overwhelm.


4) You have a Desire to Unite

You recognize the power of bringing together the seemingly disparate – that darkness is not necessarily something to conquer but rather calls to you to commune with it.

You envision a world where we no longer need to destroy one another – where we have learned to see ourselves + our roles in the cosmic matrix in a whole new light.

You seek union of the psyche + soma, the masculine + feminine which you might refer to as a Unified Will, the Alchemical Marriage, Knowledge + Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, the Hieros Gamos – all terms for the same aligned remembering that will return us to our true nature.

You know it’s possible even with all evidence to the contrary.

And you have something you want to contribute to this return – if you could just get out of your own way + overcome your fears.


5) Multi-modality, multi-dimensional labels all apply

Artist, Writer, Healer, Reader, Creator, Therapist, Mother, Sister, Seeker, Shaman, Earth Grid Worker, Psychic, Medium, Oracle, Mystic, Teacher, Astrologer, Acupuncturist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Dreamer – all things you might call yourself even though what you do has no name + transcends a title.

You want to change the world by healing it.

You might view yourself as radical, revolutionary + alternative.

You have fear because you threaten a deeply ingrained socially conditioned structure.

Your feelings of stuckness + overwhelm makes all the sense in the world because you are called to be a leader – you are fed up with the way things are and you know NOW IS THE TIME.

Maybe your children have attained a level of self-sufficiency or your current profession provides enough stability for you to finally, actively pursue your dreams.

You feel an unignorable call to galvanize these learnings + perspectives within you – to channel them in the direction of moving humanity towards what’s possible…

…even if it contradicts the status quo.

What does it open up for you to call yourself a Torchbearer Entrepreneur?