Easily Increase Motivation and Gain Confidence with This 1 Thing

Easily Increase Motivation and Gain Confidence with This 1 Thing

Hello Friends! Let’s get started right away with getting you more motivation and confidence with this super simple practice that pairs touch and spoken word to help you release resistance, call-in more motivation + confidence and integrate your new identity as someone who creates from a FEEL GOOD place.


I invite you to just join me with your fingertips lightly, tapping anywhere in the upper body, chest region just below the collarbones.

Very gentle, rhythmic tapping, that is akin to patting a young child on the back.

You can choose how this beest works for you.

You can alternate.

You can go really slowly.

You can go quickly.

Whatever rhythm feels good for you.

And as you’re doing this, I’m going to talk a little bit about why we are doing this to help you with your motivation and your confidence.

The real premise of this is that we’re working with the meridians, or subtle energy channels.

You have multiple meridians in your physical body that run throughout the body.

Using touch paired with affirmations, which we’re going to get into momentarily, helps speak to the deep limbic brain.

Your limbic brain, highly attuned to fear and threat, is situated deep in your Highly Evolved Human.

And a lot of us have been conditioned to motivate from a place of feeling bad about ourselves of having no time left procrastinating – a place of anxiety ie: from a place of “fear” and “threat”which we could call a “feel bad place”.

But with this practice, and the work we do here at H.GrantStyle, we’re changing that.

Instead, you are going to move towards motivating and creating from a FEEL GOOD place.

So in this very quick practice, you use the physical touch paired with the spoken word to speak to that deep limbic brain, and give it a lot of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and approval.

So you’re gonna L.A.F.A yourself. {Include LAFA graphic from Anjilee}

And we are going to move through a quick practice of releasing, calling in and integrating.

You’re welcome to just watch me or follow along and speak aloud with me in your own time.

Here are the prompts:

Even though I have been lacking in motivation, and I know I just need more confidence because I have things that I want to create in this world. I want to share myself, and I really just can’t get to a place where I’m able to do that.

And even though this has been happening to me over and over, and it seems like nothing works. And I just don’t have enough motivation or confidence. To do what I know I’m called to do. I choose to deeply and completely love. Accept. Forgive and approve of myself.

Uh huh. Yes. So good.

You can feel the shift right there already.

The body is releasing, you’re liberating energy, moving energy through calling it out even when you are speaking to some of that icky, sticky, murky miry stuff that’s within you.

Just recognizing it is the first step to transforming it.

Ah, beautiful releasing.

Okay, let’s move into a little, little call-in.

Wouldn’t it feel so good to all of the sudden feel more motivated and have more confident?


And wouldn’t it be so amazing if all the work that I’ve been doing all of the attention I’ve been putting on the situation suddenly just came to fruition and I felt the clouds part. And suddenly I was just so much more motivated and confident?

Oh, yeah. That’d be amazing. Uh-huh Yes, it would be amazing.

Okay, and now here we go into our round of integration.

Maybe I’m already that person who has arrived, who’s gotten to where they’ve been trying to go? Where everything has come together all effort has paid off. And I am here feeling so motivated from a feel good place and confident in who I am, what I do and how I bring it to the world.

Yeah, maybe I am already that person?


Nice deep breath here, dropping the hands into the lap, keeping the eyes closed and bringing your awareness and your attention to anything that might be coming up in the body.

Also, notice how open you feel, how released you feel, how available you are for the full experience of whatever you’re going through.

Now, I invite you to do this practice every day for the next five days, just a couple of minutes each day. You can tailor this to your own needs, your own prompts, whatever works for you.

Do this for five days and experience extraordinary benefits that are going to skyrocket you to new levels of motivation and confidence that come from deep wells of FEEL GOOD within you.

Thanks so much for tuning in. Be sure to click the link below to download my FREE Morking Makeover Habit Tracker now. With these 6 habits I outline, you can get started right away on setting the foundation to have all day motivation.

I love you and I can’t wait to see what you bring into the world.