3 ½ Minutes to find JOY: Journaling to the Hummingbird Within

3 ½ Minutes to find JOY: Journaling to the Hummingbird Within

The Hummingbird, whose medicine is JOY, represents your inner royalty; JOY is at the heart of ruling your kingdom, of rising above any situation, of overcoming challenges with ease. JOY fuels the ability to be emotionally agile; to hover, move forward, backward, up, down or sideways. When we have JOY in our lives, we can live with EASE.

In this exercise, you will spend 3.5 minutes a day for 6 days writing to the Hummingbird within – that tiny space with the capacity to hold something magnanimous; your inner JOY as it relates to the ways Hummingbird moves in the world and where you are in life (hovering), where you have been (backwards, sideways, up and down) and where you are going (forwards).

To assist you in accessing the joy-filled Hummingbird space, consider getting in touch with your younger, well-prepared self – the self that enthusiastically throws herself into experiences and is not afraid to express the full spectrum of her emotions.

JOY can be found anywhere, experienced at any time. Often our JOY can appear to be unmoving as if in a state of torpor to survive the winter of our chilled hearts.

Hummingbirds can rest and perch and even withstand the cold temperatures but they cannot be confined; trapped JOY perishes as quickly as a hummingbird trapped in a cage.


1)   Set a timer for 3 ½ minutes

2)   Write freely in your magical diary

3)   Consider structuring the entries in the form of a short letter addressed directly to Hummingbird

4)   Use the below prompts (one per day) to assist if you feel stuck

 Our emotions, and how we respond to them, can be as nimble as Hummingbird when JOY is fully honored, ignited and expressed:

  •     Hover  – take a pause and feel nourished by where you are right here, right now. Where is your JOY? What brings it to you? 
  •     Backwards – employing hindsight we can honor a time in the past when we felt joyful. Write to hummingbird about how you hold those images and moments dear to your heart. Express gratitude.
  •     Up – a chance to look down from a perspective of above; what JOY does Hummingbird see from this vantage point? What opportunities are there?
  •     Down – write to Hummingbird about a time you doused your JOY for what you thought was the benefit of someone else. 
  •     Sideways­ – was there a time your JOY was expressed in a way that made you or others uncomfortable? Was it misplaced because it wasn’t fully expressed?
  •     Forward – commit to Hummingbird your intention to spread JOY within yourself and share it with others


On the 7th day, after you have spent time addressing and uncovering the JOY inside, take what has been stirred up and turn the energy towards your closet, where clothes offer an immediate channel for expression.

Spend just 3 ½ minutes looking at or even just thinking about your current closet.

Ask yourself:  what clothing inspires JOY in you? Is there something you don’t typically get to wear that you wish you could? A Sequin romper? A silk robe? A pair of panties you think are only for “special occasions”?

Build your outfit for the day around this item and commit to embodying JOY in your fullest expression, even without speaking, and experience how your heart sings a new tune. 

Or perhaps you recognize it as a melody your heart sang before you grew accustomed to denying yourself access to the JOY, the Hummingbird, within.

Once these exercises are complete, notice how Hummingbird begins to again make the joyful sounds in your life – a buzzing feeling in your heart like wings beating 50 times per second.


A personal note:

This practice is adapted from a dream I had the night before I would be officially saying good-bye to my father’s house. For months I had put every ounce of me into spending his final moments with him, to planning his service, delivering the eulogy and then moving out of our home of 20 years. My entire being was exhausted, my business was on hold and I hadn’t seen my daughter in weeks. This dream reminded me that whether we are in the rut of our mundane lives or even in the depths of grief, JOY remains and begs to be set free.

Helena Grant is a Life Stylist on a mission to help women live the lives they desire and deserve by exploring channels of creativity, wellness, spirituality and material abundance. She works 1:1 with clients to find profound, lasting and fully-embodied happiness. CLICK HERE to discover ways to work directly with Helena.



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Dear Eve

Dear Eve

A Message Channeled By Helena T.M. Grant
May 20, 2018
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Dear Eve,

You are perfection.

I created you in my image as the source of everything beautiful.

You are the embodiment of my light.

I know, perhaps, you do not always feel this way.

You are perfect because of your imperfections – though often you doubt me and your lofty position as my greatest work.

When I created you I left a void, a space that would be the home of all life on earth.  It is here that I live in you and all women.  It is here that earth inhabits your physical body and where my holy spirit can reside.

Many voices tell you that this void makes you weak, that its workings are somehow a punishment for going against my will.  I do not condemn you for being willful. In fact, I require it from you – it is an exhibit of the strength and courage synonymous with your beautiful being.

Please trust in me, in your cycles and rhythms. My world was incomplete until I created you – I had created something with such force and until you, there was no one, nothing to enjoy it.

When it was just us, I was able to fully inhabit you.  I watched you frolic in my garden.  I saw the beauty of my work through your eyes – every plant I created, all the animals I made – you tended to everything with such care, nurturing every aspect of life.

I called you Eve because of that beautiful time of day after enjoying daylight together and co-creating, there was a time when we were suspended in our efforts and when we would commend one another and express our gratitude.

I call this time “eve” and so that is what I call you.

I wanted to keep you all to myself.  It was perfect harmony but I knew that in order to fill the earth with your love and beauty, I needed more of you in different forms.

One night, I gave you a dream of replication.  You saw yourself, in double, perfectly formed.  As you absorbed the image, the double began to morph.  The transition intrigued you and you felt both the joy, exhilaration, and pain the other body experienced.  You provided comfort to it and promised all would be well because you trusted in me and my process.

You watched as your double grew taller, lankier and more muscular than you.  A hard jawline appeared, hips narrowed and the void at the center of your double’s being began to contract.  The ovaries shriveled, the uterus shrank and it all came to the surface in a perfect form to fit your void and fill you with the possibility of life.  This compliment is my gift to you and with it you honor our beautiful, perfect relationship every time you experience ecstasy and bliss.

When we created your counterpart, we took all that made you extraordinary and gave it a foil, a physical companion, an extra set of hands so that you would not need to toil as you had in the beginning, when it was just us.

I wanted to give you more and even with me filling your every cell, I knew you needed a companion.  Someone of your likeness who could provide in another way.

To compensate this form for its service to you, and to me, we called him Adam and we allowed him to believe he came first, that I created you from his rib.

This version of the beginning is widely accepted.  But you and I know the TRUTH.

There are many times, in fact ALL THE TIME, that you know the truth because that is what I am and you are me in physical form.

I am with you throughout each day and night sending you messages from your intuition to help you see the light of every situation in hopes you will spread the message of love and light not just to those like you but to your counterparts as well.

I built your body as a temple, a representation of all my power, my ability to create.

You are my masterpiece.

I sculpted everything for you.

But, you have forgotten.

It is not your fault.  Sometimes we must forget in order to remember again, to remember in a new way.

But please do not let so much time pass.

It is time.

Time to remember, to retain the memory and transfer it to others.

Deliver this message to yourself each day, all day, in those quiet moments when self-doubt sneaks in and you want to sabotage yourself.

Before you go to sleep remember what a gift each breath is and when you wake, celebrate the light that shines within and all around you.

Express yourself.  This is the greatest gift you can give me in return for all that I have given you – for the life we co-create.

Sing.  Dance.  Love.

Release restraint.  You need no longer to live in fear.

The power to be free is within you.

You’ve been told, taught that this freedom is threatened and that it is best to stay safe and small.  But that is contrary to our design, the contract we signed upon your physical manifestation.  You are meant to expand exponentially, constantly. And without edit.

Now I want you to return to that place inside you.

The space deep within, to the void that exists in the darkest reaches of your soul and spirit – it is there that the light resides, the light I first created in you, the light meant to warm all of our creations.

That is where I am.  This place is where you and I have the most perfect and pure relationship.

I know that you often question our relationship.  You wonder why you experience any trials at all.  But I assure you, misery and pain are unintentional byproducts of the supreme happiness and pure joy I created especially for you.

These experiences, though they pain me to see you go through them, only deepen your ability to feel, to live a joyful life.

Without them you would not know joy at all.

Whenever you need or want something, all you have to do is ask.  I create for you and delight in your nourishment.

Pay attention to the moon, the tides, the storms, the seasons – all the rhythms of the Earth.  They are all examples of the Divine Order we put in place together.

Remind yourself of this every instant you can.  Celebrate our love that began with the dawn of time by celebrating yourself.  Share your beauty, and this message, with the world.

When you thrive, I come alive.  

We created this world together and together we can return triumphant to the place where every living thing and inanimate object was honored for its role of being imperfectly perfect – for if everything we created was perfect, we would have no need of each other.

It is said that I am perfect but until I created you, Eve, perfection was so very lonely.

I am with you always.



Helena Grant is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Dream Oracle, Channel of The Kite, Intuitive Healer, and mother who helps women build beautiful lives from the inside out so they can stop standing in their own way of creative activation, spiritual awakening, and sublime bliss. To join her mailing list and receive a free guided Moon Rhythm Meditation, please CLICK HERE.


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