TENets: A Code for Living Life with Ease

TENets: A Code for Living Life with Ease

These “tenets” came to me as a proverbial download in March of 2018.

Mostly it’s advice I give myself – sometimes that is the best advice of all.

Presented in 4 parts:











10) CAN


1) (PL)EASE – say it with ease

2) Open-hearted benevolence

3) Help others, and self, when needed and possible

4) Feels at home anywhere and helps others feel the same

5) Relishes earthly possessions but is not tied to them

6) Values health above all else

7) Views self as an open channel to give and receive love and light; the body is a temple, the home for the soul

8) Knows there is always more to learn and isn’t afraid to get “dirty” doing it

9) Looks at each day as a reason to celebrate

10) I ALWAYS KNOW I CAN (I never thought I couldn’t)


1) (PL)EASE – say it with ease; this word opens the world and literally makes everything easier – say it to others, say it to yourself.

2) Open-hearted benevolence – you ever know where you can do good or from where, or whom, good will be done to you.  Do good, be good but do what is best for you.

3) Help others, and self, when needed and possible – you never know who you can help or, conversely, who can help you.

4) Feels at home anywhere and helps others feel the same – observe your surroundings, assimilate and stand out with confidence; take care of those who feel less comfortable than you.

5) Relishes earthly possessions but is not tied to them – enjoys clothing, accessories, luxuries of all sorts, experiences, travel but nothing defines her or weighs her down. The saying holds weight here: you can’t take it with you so live life to the fullest NOW. Enjoy with joy.

6) Values health above all else – the body is a temple, the home for your soul. Worship it, love it and it will love you back.

7) Views self as an open channel to give, and receive, love and light

8) Knows there is always more to learn – education never ends; expansion is eternal.

9) Looks at each day as a reason to celebrate – everyday truly is your BIRTHDAY. There was no assurance you would wake up today and what if today is your final day on earth? Do you want to spend it denying who you are? What you can contribute

10) I ALWAYS KNOW I CAN – total confidence, no expectations, on her one schedule. I never thought I couldn’t


1) (PL)EASE – this word opens the world, everything is easy when you open up Tom needing help. It’s easier to say thank you but please is eternally more profitable. EASE comes from saying PLEASE.

2) Open-hearted benevolence – you never know who you can help, you ever know who you can help, or conversely, who can help you. Everyone has something to teach us about the world, about ourselves. Keep an open heart, an open mind.

3) Help others, and self, when needed and possible – do good, be good but do what is best for you.

4) Feels at home anywhere and helps others feel the same – observe your surroundings, assimilate and stand out with confidence; take care of those who feel less comfortable than you; build confidence in others and show that you are comfortable anywhere. LEAVE NO TRACE OTHER THAN ON THE HEARTS OF THOSE AROUND YOU.

5) Relishes earthly possessions but is not tied to them – enjoys clothing, accessories, luxuries of all sorts, experiences travel but nothing defines her or weighs her down. Experiences spirituality in the ritual of getting dressed and expressing individuality.

6) Views self as an open channel to give, and receive, love and light by valuing health above all else – the body is a temple, the home for your soul. Worship it, love it and it will love you back. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing; if you don’t have health, channels shut down.

7) Knows there is always more to learn – education never ends; expansion is eternal.

8) SHARE – express who you are and it will inspire others to do the same.

9) Looks at each day as a reason to celebrate – everyday truly is a BIRTHDAY

10) Says: I ALWAYS KNOW I CAN – total confidence, no expectations, on her own schedule. Positivity translation of: I never thought I couldn’t. Leave room for deciding when but always knowing you CAN if you decide you WILL.

Photography by Sonya Highfield

3 ½ Minutes to find JOY: Journaling to the Hummingbird Within

3 ½ Minutes to find JOY: Journaling to the Hummingbird Within

The Hummingbird, whose medicine is JOY, represents your inner royalty; JOY is at the heart of ruling your kingdom, of rising above any situation, of overcoming challenges with ease. JOY fuels the ability to be emotionally agile; to hover, move forward, backward, up, down or sideways. When we have JOY in our lives, we can live with EASE.

In this exercise, you will spend 3.5 minutes a day for 6 days writing to the Hummingbird within – that tiny space with the capacity to hold something magnanimous; your inner JOY as it relates to the ways Hummingbird moves in the world and where you are in life (hovering), where you have been (backwards, sideways, up and down) and where you are going (forwards).

To assist you in accessing the joy-filled Hummingbird space, consider getting in touch with your younger, well-prepared self – the self that enthusiastically throws herself into experiences and is not afraid to express the full spectrum of her emotions.

JOY can be found anywhere, experienced at any time. Often our JOY can appear to be unmoving as if in a state of torpor to survive the winter of our chilled hearts.

Hummingbirds can rest and perch and even withstand the cold temperatures but they cannot be confined; trapped JOY perishes as quickly as a hummingbird trapped in a cage.


1)   Set a timer for 3 ½ minutes

2)   Write freely in your magical diary

3)   Consider structuring the entries in the form of a short letter addressed directly to Hummingbird

4)   Use the below prompts (one per day) to assist if you feel stuck

 Our emotions, and how we respond to them, can be as nimble as Hummingbird when JOY is fully honored, ignited and expressed:

  •     Hover  – take a pause and feel nourished by where you are right here, right now. Where is your JOY? What brings it to you? 
  •     Backwards – employing hindsight we can honor a time in the past when we felt joyful. Write to hummingbird about how you hold those images and moments dear to your heart. Express gratitude.
  •     Up – a chance to look down from a perspective of above; what JOY does Hummingbird see from this vantage point? What opportunities are there?
  •     Down – write to Hummingbird about a time you doused your JOY for what you thought was the benefit of someone else. 
  •     Sideways­ – was there a time your JOY was expressed in a way that made you or others uncomfortable? Was it misplaced because it wasn’t fully expressed?
  •     Forward – commit to Hummingbird your intention to spread JOY within yourself and share it with others


On the 7th day, after you have spent time addressing and uncovering the JOY inside, take what has been stirred up and turn the energy towards your closet, where clothes offer an immediate channel for expression.

Spend just 3 ½ minutes looking at or even just thinking about your current closet.

Ask yourself:  what clothing inspires JOY in you? Is there something you don’t typically get to wear that you wish you could? A Sequin romper? A silk robe? A pair of panties you think are only for “special occasions”?

Build your outfit for the day around this item and commit to embodying JOY in your fullest expression, even without speaking, and experience how your heart sings a new tune. 

Or perhaps you recognize it as a melody your heart sang before you grew accustomed to denying yourself access to the JOY, the Hummingbird, within.

Once these exercises are complete, notice how Hummingbird begins to again make the joyful sounds in your life – a buzzing feeling in your heart like wings beating 50 times per second.


A personal note:

This practice is adapted from a dream I had the night before I would be officially saying good-bye to my father’s house. For months I had put every ounce of me into spending his final moments with him, to planning his service, delivering the eulogy and then moving out of our home of 20 years. My entire being was exhausted, my business was on hold and I hadn’t seen my daughter in weeks. This dream reminded me that whether we are in the rut of our mundane lives or even in the depths of grief, JOY remains and begs to be set free.

Helena Grant is a Life Stylist on a mission to help women live the lives they desire and deserve by exploring channels of creativity, wellness, spirituality and material abundance. She works 1:1 with clients to find profound, lasting and fully-embodied happiness. CLICK HERE to discover ways to work directly with Helena.

The Capsule Effect

The Capsule Effect

I was sweating.

I felt hot and cold at the same time.

My face flushed red.

Breathing laboriously I tried to bring enough saliva into my mouth to form words.

I thought I might be having a panic attack induced by a profound realization that came through me like the hand of a very strong higher power.

It was moments before I was going live in my Facebook group to teach the final module of my online style transformation program BE YOUR OWN STYLIST.

It was time for me to show up and I realized this time around, it wasn’t enough for me to just to teach the concepts of a “capsule wardrobe” – it was time to LIVE it.

And I was totally, completely freaking out. On every level.

You see, I LOVE my clothes and I relished spending hours on end playing in my closet creating outfits and putting together unexpected pairings. I rationalized that it was all a part of my job as a personal stylist and while this is true (and I still delight in  “playing dress-up, and encourage my clients to do so as well) I realized I needed more of a lot of things.

More time.

More energy.

More creativity.

Not more clothes and definitely not more time sifting through the heaps of my collection, getting lost in daydreams (as wonderful and important as they are!)

I needed to focus, to buckle down and start showing rather than just telling.

It was time to get totally real and completely authentic.

It was time to actually create my own capsule wardrobe.

The term “capsule wardrobe” is SUPER BUZZY right now. Not surprising considering the shift towards more conscientious consumerism and movement away from the “fast fashion” that has marked the scene in recent years.

The fact is, not all that long ago, a woman’s closet used to be perfectly coordinated with high quality items that all worked together; and she had an outfit for every occasion.

But, we find we are no longer there.

Instead we have closets bursting with clothes that make us feel judged and overwhelmed.

Often, because of this overwhelm, we end up wearing the same thing every day – and not in a good way.

Can’t it all just be more cohesive, streamlined and approachable?

A History of the Capsule Wardrobe

The term “capsule wardrobe” was first coined by a London boutique owner in the 1970’s and was subsequently popularized by Donna Karan with her 1985 release of “7 Easy Pieces” which consisted of interchangeable workwear items. This launch coincided with women entering the workforce in droves and they needed clothes that would support them in their roles not just as mothers and wives but as businesswomen.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Currently when someone refers to  “capsule wardrobe” it means a selection of about 40 pieces that are interchangeable and versatile and can carry you through all activities.

There are a lot of stylists out there putting together some very pretty looking visuals flaunting their expertise and encouraging you to go out and buy all 40 pieces.

But, from my perspective, there is some serious magic missing in their formulations. Not to mention PRACTICALITY.


Here’s what is typically outlined when you look for insight on how to build a capsule wardrobe:


  1. Select 40 pieces
  2. Create outfits
  3. Get rid of everything else


Ummmm let’s just take a minute here and talk about #1 on that list – how the HELL are we supposed to choose 40 items? Where’s the direction? The structure? The support?! How do you establish COHESION with the items? And really, get rid of everything? Yeah, no.

Ever since that day last Spring when I announced my own commitment to the Capsule Concept, I have worked to employ (my own variations) of the methodologies to my wardrobe — to incredible result.

The exercise gave me new perspective on my clothes and helped me appreciate how little we actually need to feel supported and fulfilled – I saw, true to my hypothesis, that when we have limits, we are the most free.

And interestingly, my desire to create capsules within my wardrobe tends to align with a shift in the seasons; cold weather to warm and back again.

So here we are, with hot days of summer fast approaching.

I’m finding once again that I want more time, more energy for the things I love (not just for all my clothes – as much as I do, and always will, love them.)

And I address it all in the Capsule Creation Crash Course.

I created this offer so that in just 5 days for 10 minutes a day (or less!) you can transform your wardrobe so you can live life with ease during these easy months.

And that is always where we start when it comes to style.

With what you already have.


Your personal brand already exists in your current closet and the capsule is just a concentrated, focused way to free up more time and energy in your life because you have made all your decisions in advance.


In this course we will work through what is serving you in what you currently have and we will build from there, creating outfits within the parameters of your available selection.


And you don’t have to get rid of anything — of course you absolutely can and you likely will but instead we will be creating a section of your closet from which you can FOCUS and delight in new perspective.

So what do I really think results from the Capsule Effect? What have I seen and experienced both for myself and my clients?


Increased Creativity.


Essentially more of what we want, less of what we don’t.

This is about changing your life, starting with your clothes.


And having everything you need no matter what you do or where you go.


That’s The Capsule Effect.

Helena Grant is a Personal Stylist on a mission to liberate women and help them find their most powerful expression. She works 1:1and in groups virtually and in-person. The Capsule Creation Crash Course launches Monday, June 17thand offers closet transformation in 5 easy modules along with a private Facebook group for additional support and style guidance.


Foundational Pieces for a Fabulous Wardrobe

Foundational Pieces for a Fabulous Wardrobe

You know the feeling the instant you put on the garment.

You are powerful. Unstoppable. Ready for anything.

And it doesn’t have to be an anomaly.

With a wardrobe comprised of carefully selected, well-curated pieces, you can step into any outfit, any time and experience the confidence you need to tackle any day in every way.

It’s not about quantity.  It’s about QUALITY.

Not long ago, for me, it was the opposite. I was shopping all the time and had serious closet overwhelm. Every time I got dressed, all my clothes would end up on the bed.

The process went something like this:

Vacate the closet… exhaust myself putting together something that might get compliments because a lot of it was new.

Shove everything back in the closet.



In my journey away from those slightly {ahem} “shopaholic” tendencies, I now embrace that the overstuffed racks of a fast fashion store will not solve my problems.

What we wear says so much more without speaking and I have found that an empowered feeling comes from garments that stand for something; clothes with a deeper message and meaning; clothes that support me in my life and lifestyle because they are glamorous no matter what I am doing whether it is gliding to a client meeting or running around with my 4-year-old.

When you are curating your wardrobe, one that allows you to dress intuitively, I recommend starting with a foundation of pieces that are both fabulous and versatile.


Here are my picks:


1)   UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING DRESS: dresses are ALWAYS my go-to because the eliminate decision fatigue: one garment. Zip. Done. Accessorize as necessary. And there’s a dress style that looks good on EVERYONE and is appropriate for every occasion: cap-sleeve, natural waist, flared skirt. One of my personal favorites for this type of design is the line called Lalla Bee because everything she creates is perfection on its own.


The dress I am wearing (pictured here) is even more memorable when I #PutABeltOnIt and finish the look with tights, booties and a metallic blazer.



The embroidered florals add an extra feminine touch, the stretch in the sleeves means I can hail a cab as easily as I can lift my 42-lbs mini-me.



And the pockets…ohhhh, the POCKETS! Set me free! Deep enough and hidden between the folds of the skirt, ready to take up the weight of my car key, phone, a lipstick.  



Best of all, this is a design that make me feel like doing a twirl. Clothes are a celebration – they should make you want to dance as quickly as they should make you feel like you can take on the world.


Shop this dress and all other Lalla Bee styles for a 20% discount!


2)   SWEATER THAT FEELS LIKE A ROBE: There are those items you feel like you could live in – they are so versatile that they look equally fabulous with your yoga clothes as they do with jeans or a dress and boots.



You try it on and you just know. You think: I can’t live without it and what did I do before I had it? It wraps around you perfectly, cinches at the waist and highlights all your best assets making you feel like the goddess that you are.



This particular Portmanteau was partly inspired by me when I styled the fashion show for La Fille Colette. This powerhouse designer has been on my radar since 2016. Her designs are unique, forward thinking and, best of all, her clothes are sustainably made in America with incredible craftsmanship and quality materials. The Portmanteau is the newest addition to her line and I plan to live in it every season from now to eternity.



Shop La Fille Colette for the Portmanteau and all other style with THIS LINK and receive a 10% discount off your purchase.


3)   OUTERWEAR THAT PROTECTS AND PROJECTS: Wherever you live, you likely need some sort of outerwear whatever your geography.



We on the East Coast (i.e. New England), multiple coats and jackets are required to span the range of weather we encounter. But the one style that is sure to be worn incessantly? The Classic Trench Coat. For me this one by Yellowcake was love at first glance. The minute I put it on I knew I had a lifer with its impeccable tailoring, thick and sturdy twill, cavernous pockets and best of all, stretch along the underside of the sleeves. I wear it as a topper and as a dress – it’s that amazing.  



Go ahead, rain on my parade. In this trench I will never feel a drop.


I work with these labels of an affiliate basis because I BELIEVE wholeheartedly in the women behind the brands.


I know them personally and I know their products well. Because you are a part of my amazing audience, I can offer you beneficial discounts on these above listed items that will surpass most of what is currently in your wardrobe.  

**Beware: WATERFALL EFFECT in the direction of a well-curated closet is a distinct possibility.**

Here are the links with the discount codes again for easy shopping:


Code: HGRANTSTYLE20 for 20% OFF all styles


10% discount automatically applied on all purchases using this unique code


Code: HGRANSTYLE10 for 10% off all products

Everyday Superhero

Everyday Superhero

It is up to us to change the conversation with ourselves.

There are things we say without speaking and the messages ripple outwards.

It is up to us to take responsibility for being our own everyday superhero.

The message we send to the world, and most importantly to ourselves, must be intentional, pure and nurturing. Our power resides within, where it is easy to protect, and hide, but that outdated and ineffective approach is ready for a rebrand.

It is time to take the leap, to support one another by first cultivating our own, individual expansion.

There is no collective without the individual.

Every day we make choices and when you dress intuitively, decisions become more fluid. You have more time and energy to allot to the important things in life like taking care of yourself and re-distributing well-being.

Take the leap.

Don’t wait for a costume change.

Wear your superhero logo on the outside for all to see; display your strength of choices. Celebrate who you are by embracing the magnificent machine that is your body.

Be your own Wonderwoman, Superwoman, Captain Marvel. Be a changemaker by supporting changemakers.

When we work together, we are emboldened.

This blog officially launches my affiliation with female-owned, sustainability-minded brands.

Pictured here is the Yellowcake Classic Trench which I wear as a dress and a rain jacket. It’s sexy, versatile and perfectly equipped to take me from the concrete jungle of Boston to the Connecticut countryside playground. The detachable hood and deep pockets make me feel like all buildings are only as high as a single bound.

Here is your assignment, if you choose to accept it:

CLICK HERE to purchase the Yellowcake Classic Trench
CODE: HGRANTSTYLE10 (for a 10% discount)