About Helena

Helena Grant, an intuitive healer and expert storyteller, utilizes various extended metaphors to help women build beautiful, abundant, and fulfilling lives from the inside out. After founding her style consultancy H.GrantStyle in 2015, Helena realized the way women present themselves reflects an outward manifestation of inner beliefs and ingrained patterns. This discovery lead Helena to study multi-disciplinary modalities such as: Reiki, Yoga, Akasha, Dream Guidance, Shamanic Practices, and Transformational Life Coaching to assist her clients in creating more profound and loving relationships with themselves. Inspired by her daughter, Helena focuses on empowering women to find the highest, most embodied expression of their truest selves. Helena offers Dream Oracle Readings, online courses, and 1:1 coaching that synthesizes all aspects of her students’ lives so they can actualize their potential, activate their creativity, and experience resounding joy. Her book Put A Belt On It: Living the Life You Desire and Deserve hits shelves next year.

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