The 12-week group coaching experience for spiritual seekers who feel stuck trying to bring their creative projects to fruition & are ready to integrate their shadows for audacious confidence in their business + life

Already feeling full-body YES?

Do you feel trapped in self-doubt and cut off from your intuition, even after years of course work, coaching + spiritual healing that hasn’t gotten you the results you crave?

Have you found yourself wanting to share about your recent epic download, only to panic before hitting “publish” on your latest post or email because you’re terrified of what people will think?

Are you tired of feeling like your energy has been hijacked by the people around you because no matter how hard you try, you still struggle to set boundaries?

When you learn how to leverage the potential of your Infinite Self, you’ll be amazed how quickly you skyrocket past even your biggest goals.

You’ll channel expansive wisdom + guidance from your own inner knowing, so you can attain new levels of joy, freedom + inspiration.

But in order to get there, you need to dissolve your blocks around confidence + self-worth once and for all.

Once you do that, it will ripple out to every area of your life, business, and creative pursuits — so that all of your decisions become steeped in clarity + deep, intuitive knowing.

“Gave me the courage to slow down.”

I have physical struggles that COURAGEOUS helped me with… the program also got me more in touch with healing inner child and traumatic issues in adulthood. This course gave me the courage to slow down, and really think about my soul purpose, and how I wish to bring that into the world.


You and your business exist in this world to be transformative healing energies. By activating + sharing your powerful voice, it becomes a force of good for the benefit of yourself and others.

When you learn how to connect to your Infinite Self, you will finally be able to…

Confidently set + enforce boundaries to protect your energy, without feeling guilty or second-guessing yourself
Release the shadow blockages that have prevented you from making more money and growing your audience
Connect to the clear voice of knowing inside you (goodbye, indecision!), to identify which actions steps to take + reach your goals in record time
Break free from those heavy feelings of self-loathing + “not-enoughness” and finally create the beautiful, abundant life you crave
Change hundreds of lives by using your newfound authenticity to magnetically attract perfect-fit clients who rave about your teachings

Right now, you might feel like a missing piece of the puzzle floats just beyond your reach, as if you KNOW you have breakthroughs in your visibility on the horizon but you can’t see them yet, or how to initiate them.

You’ve taken countless courses on spirituality + shadow work + attended workshops on business growth — but you still don’t know how to bring it all together into a cohesive whole.

Fear and anxiety contribute to your lack of confidence and stand in the way of you living with overflowing confidence, of having a business where you’re highly visible in which you feel safe being authentic with your audience, and you bring in more money than you ever expected.

I get it: shadow work can feel like an endless slog.

It’s as if you are a matryoshka doll.. endlessly peeling away the layers of outdated versions of yourself only to remain divided on an unconscious level + mired in self-doubt.

Early on inherited beliefs and social conditioning handed you a whole lot of expectations and detrimental, spirit-numbing coping mechanisms that lead you to just get through the murky depths of our emotions, rather than fully feel + harness the power of our existence.

To survive, you had to cut yourself off from the innate wisdom and power of your intuition and instead remain hidden, under-utilized + festering in our own potential.

Luckily, when you unite our psyche (conscious mind) with your soma (unconscious mind), you can live in the fullest expression of our limitless possibilities.

And when we operate from this place, from your core, or le coeur (French for “heart”) we bring an overflow of healing into our own lives + to those around us.

You know that things can be better, you just don’t know how.

You know that your spiritual gifts have the potential to change thousands of lives (and give you the life you dream about)… you just don’t know how to get the visibility that will bring the right clients into your orbit.

“Brain-Flipping brilliance”

COURAGEOUS provided me with methods to rediscover and reconnect with my true self. There were too many aha moments to list, but I was given tools that help me feel confident… Working with Helena is a continual gift because she was able to flip things and help me perceive things in an opposite way. And I always felt that she was able, through her questions and her guidance, get to the core of things very quickly and helped me relook at things differently – truly brain-flipping. I return to the content of this course again and again and I always discover something new.

Robin (Artist, Gardener, retired government employee)


Feeling energized from the moment you wake up in the morning, because you’ve built time into your schedule for routines & rituals that nourish your soul
Carving out designated time every day for the creative projects you’ve always dreamed about, instead of convincing yourself there just aren’t enough hours in the day for “passion projects”
Boldly posting online without fear of what people will think, because you feel whole-heartedly secure in everything you have to share with an audience that celebrates the authenticity inherent in the content you share
Moving forward with writing your book, painting on a large scale, or launching the program you’ve kept hidden away because you’ve finally freed yourself from the grip of your unconscious blocks

You probably already know that you already have everything inside you, all the answers and every truth.

Within you a higher intelligence exists with all the necessary information already programmed to help you flourish into a decisive, clear + confident spiritual entrepreneur.

But, you cannot shed the layers that hold us back if you remain buried in guilt + shame.

Instead of remaining held back by stress, fear + self-sabotage, all you need is a new way to heal your relationship with yourself and activate your intuition.

When you do that, your business will GROW beyond your wildest expectations.

Imagine what it would feel like to synthesize your physical + spiritual lives, to find release from your blocks, to activate your creativity, your innate power. 

And to bring ALL of that into your business, so that you’re showing up every day with the clarity and confidence you need to share your life-changing gifts with the world. 

In my 13+ years working with coaches, healers, visionaries, artists + entrepreneurs, I have discovered that a lack of confidence relates directly to a disconnect between the mind + body.

And I’m living proof that in working on a personal level to synthesize the material with the metaphysical directly benefits the professional.

Until three years ago, I was one of those people you read about – someone with a truly beautiful life and a business full of potential – yet a mysterious misery pervaded. And I felt STUCK at every turn, lacking authentic confidence, full of self-doubt + overwhelm.

For most of my adulthood I sought external validation and solutions for my cluster-f@$k of physical syndromes and mental disorders. Then a proverbial 2×4 smacked me across the face (a.k.a. a string of massive spiritual awakenings) which eventually led me to realize my self-loathing stood in the way of not only my own happiness, but also my success and abundance. 

When I healed this disconnect, and worked toward uniting and loving all of myself, EVERYTHING shifted in both my personal and professional lives.

I’m Helena Grant and I want to offer you a direct line to exploring + healing the relationship you have with yourself and the world around you. 

During this 12-week high-touch group coaching experience, I will guide you and share with you the tools and strategies that ensure rapid results – to move you from a place of self-loathing to a place of self-love so you can experience life in a new way, so that you can live + work COURAGEOUSLY.

Until three years ago, I was one of those people you read about – someone with a truly beautiful life and a business full of potential – yet a mysterious misery pervaded. And I felt STUCK at every turn, lacking authentic confidence, full of self-doubt + overwhelm.

For most of my adulthood I sought external validation and solutions for my cluster-f@$k of physical syndromes and mental disorders. Then a proverbial 2×4 smacked me across the face (a.k.a. a string of massive spiritual awakenings) which eventually led me to realize my self-loathing stood in the way of not only my own happiness, but also my success and abundance. 

When I healed this disconnect, and worked toward uniting and loving all of myself, EVERYTHING shifted in both my personal and professional lives.

I’m Helena Grant and I want to offer you a direct line to exploring + healing the relationship you have with yourself and the world around you. 

During this 12-week high-touch group coaching experience, I will guide you and share with you the tools and strategies that ensure rapid results – to move you from a place of self-loathing to a place of self-love so you can experience life in a new way, so that you can live + work COURAGEOUSLY.

Has a lack of self-esteem kept you small in your life and business — afraid to speak authentically from your heart, worried about what people will think, and pervaded by negative self-talk about how you’ll never achieve what you want?
Are you so stuck in fear + anxiety that you’re paralyzed from taking the actions you need to pursue your dreams — whether that’s writing your memoir, having a fully booked business, or becoming the thought leader you long to be?
Ask yourself: “What could my life look like if I lived every day with resounding, unapologetic joy? What could I create in my life, business, and creative pursuits if I embodied that abundant energy?”
Are you ready to stop dancing around your desire for more visibility and finally SHOW UP for your family, your Self, and your audience like they’re your best friends?

“A safe space to fully unpack my emotions”

Working with Helena was exactly what I needed – a safe space to fully unpack my emotions…. If you’re looking for someone to go deep with, get creative solutions, and add meaning to the mystery of life – I highly recommend working with Helena

– Sonya Highfield (Founder of Real World Creatives)

COURAGEOUS takes you on a journey home through application of shadow integration principles to help you live and express yourself in an embodied + joyful way.

Throughout this 12-week high-touch group coaching journey of self-discovery, you will explore your fear of failure + visibility so that when you look in the mirror, and project yourself out into the world, you reveal an uncovered identity – one that gives you purpose and power to truly live + express authentically, from your heart

So that you can move through past hurt and trauma allowing you to walk confidently, with certainty, poise + determination, into a life guided by spirit.

COURAGEOUS leads you through a multi-modality experience that employs a transformational process designed by Helena called the METANOIA METHOD.


The METANOIA METHOD is a metaphysical healing process to facilitate internal alchemy, as channeled by Helena through the Kite. It is available to you now for the first time through COURAGEOUS.

Through this multi-modality approach, you’ll learn breakthrough strategies to liberate stagnant energy in your body and pump loving new energy to your heart – so you can finally embody your whole self, free of the lose-lose games of blame, shame + guilt.

You’ll use dreamwork, along with a highly personalized combination of psychological + spiritual principles, to unite your psyche (mind) and soma (body). By creating a reversal of flow within your energy, you will unify your will and open the door to your own Golden Shadow.

When you tap into your Golden Shadow – you unlock access to your whole self which means that even “the good stuff” you may have repressed for various reasons can finally rise to the surface and be fully expressed. You’ll be amazed how quickly you download new perspectives on past pains and current challenges in your life. You’ll gain an entirely new understanding of the blockages that are interfering with your ability to manifest your deepest desires while also uncovering the joy, delight + power that you might have repressed as a coping mechanism.

This methodology brings you to new levels of awareness and understanding by establishing new neural pathways that help you rewrite ingrained operating instructions so you can experience deep and lasting change and finally feel and act like the person you’ve always wanted to be.

What you can expect from this experience:

In each module, we use movement, guided meditation, journaling + dreamwork to assist in our transformative explorations

Module 1: INQUIRE

Establish Engagement + Conversation with Your Infinite Self

So much of what holds you back from fully expressing yourself has to do with the thoughts we believe. Within your subconscious mind exists extraordinary generative power thirsting for acknowledgement, waiting for you to harness it.

In this work, you’ll heal your relationship to your past, present, and future Selves to both commemorate + grieve who you have been while celebrating + integrating who you are becoming.

You’ll walk away with a fresh perspective on your past traumas and have new transformational practices to support you. You will not only understand these concepts intellectually, but also on a bodily, somatic level so that you can feel the changes taking shape, and rippling out into every area of your life – giving you renewed energy to accomplish your languishing creative projects.


Module 2: EXCAVATE

Commit to Living in + Creating from JOY

Joy is like a hummingbird within us, seeking nectar while it moves in all directions. This module will excavate where you may have ignored or deferred joy in your life and where it now wants to exist + flourish from your depths. It takes audacity to live + create joyfully.

The practices in this module will offer you a newfound fortitude to operate from a feel-good place so you can magnetize your audience because you have established JOY as your new baseline for existing in and interacting with the world. JOY, a high-vibrational state, requires increased capacity on a nervous-system level. In this module, you’ll learn tangible + reliable strategies to tap into joy and increase your capacity for it, even when you feel overwhelmed.



Developing New Relationships with Anxiety + Fear

Fear, a hardwired psychological response, acts as an informant in our lives. But, when we ignore, repress or deny our feelings, they interFEAR with what we most want to accomplish – fear becomes the monster. In our MONSTER practices, we will dissipate the energy + alchemize the emotions fear instigates. Your fears will receive the love and attention they desire and + deserve in order for you to truly flourish in moving through them – by metabolizing them and allowing them to move through you.

Your fears come from a place of love; your fears reflect your deepest desires. This module provides an awareness-expanding approach to molding terror, angst + anxiety into a new medicine so that you can re-assign your monsters to become our helpers.

You’ll walk away massively energetically liberated from suffocating emotions. Past clients have experienced revolutionary “brain-flipping” realizations that changed their lives + how they viewed the world. What you consider to be your greatest demons will become your greatest allies and you’ll learn proven techniques to alchemize negative emotions that will support your soul for the entirety of its journey.


Module 4: LIBERATE

Existential Kink Intensive

Sometimes it feels like the same pattern in our lives repeats itself over, and over, and over…. and over again. You can call this “Russian Doll Syndrome”. This intensive module pairs psyche + somatic practices to fully work through and with these patterns to dissolve negative beliefs. The format of this module leads you deep within and, through emotional alchemy, transforms programmed responses + traumas from a heavy, leaden form to pure gold.

You will learn how to employ Existential Kink as both a formal practice + as an attitude which will give you a new set of operating instructions for how you experience life + express yourself through your business & creative projects. This is a tool with endless applications. These skills will support you to finally release the patterns that have held you back, and instead write a new narrative for your life based on pleasure and joy.



Greeting a New Reflection

If you don’t like your reflection, how can you love your projection? In this module we work with a practice called “Body Nidra” to re-program your tendency to judge + shame your bodies, your vessel of inspiration, the home of your spirit, the vehicle of inspiration. With these practices, you will make space for your intuition to flow through you in profoundly loving ways so that you can see yourself in a new light. This is mirror work like you’ve never done before. Even if you loathe “mirror work”, this is a fun, fresh, unique way to transform your relationship with your reflection using reverse psychology techniques that will blow your mind.

This practice has supported past clients in moving through body-shaming patterns and released blocks around visibility in astounding ways. It will initiate deep confidence + inspiration within you, so you can shake off negative self-talk and illuminate the world with the messages you are meant to share.



Asserting Loving Boundaries

With all the groundwork in place, this final module focuses on heart-centered activation + practical application of the knowledge accumulated throughout the COURAGEOUS journey. You will connect with your deep desires to understand which boundaries you need to protect your time + energy, and you’ll find clarity about the most loving + authentic ways you can enforce them. Once you create and implement these medicinal boundaries, you will free up energy that enables you to show up more fully engaged and ready to receive divine guidance.

You’ll walk away with a whole new level of forgiveness around your boundaries (for yourself and others). The work in this module builds on the multitude of tools you’ve already gained, and makes sure that you walk away knowing how to apply these tools long after the program ends.

During this 12-week Intensive you get:

6 Guided Meditations


6 Gentle Movement Videos


6 Modules with Journal Prompts + Practices

15 LIVE Group Coaching Calls for Focused Attention

A fun + supportive environment to help you awaken to your intuition

A community of fellow entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of


Unlimited group Voxer access for fluid exchange + conversation

“Brings an element of curiosity and enthusiasm.”

Helena brings an element of curiosity and enthusiasm for each person in the group that sets a nice tone for the COURAGEOUS program to come together.

– Eileen

“Touched by a goddess.”

Helena is amazing at making women feel beautiful, empowered, confident, unique and fearless. I feel touched by a goddess.

– Meghan Brady Devoe (Philanthropist, mom of 2)


Bonus #1: Dream Translation Masterclass

Back by popular demand! COURAGEOUS students have found such value in these instructions to understand + embody their nighttime dreams that we decided to make this available again for a limited time. 

As a member of this cohort of the course, you will receive detailed directions for both understanding + working with your dreams . This will open you to new possibilities for your  creative life, create a foundation for you to easily understand your deepest thoughts, and build a pathway for you to communicate with your subconscious mind every night.

Having this kind of connection allows you to tap into divine inspiration more readily so you can act as a creative channel of Source energy + fully manifest what wants to move through you and take shape on the material plane.  

Bonus #2: LIVE Dream Interpretation Workshop

In addition to the Dream Translation Worksheet & the Dream Conversations PDF, Helena will host a special 90-minute workshop on Friday, December 16, 2022 @ 1:00pm EST where she will work with you directly on your dreams.

Everyone within COURAGEOUS will have the opportunity to receive an in-depth analysis of your dreams that will completely transform the way you view your subconscious.

You’ll walk away with a profound understanding of the symbolic message of the dream + have a tangible plan for how to honor the dream + communicate that you are prepared to receive guidance on a whole new level. ($3,000 value)

Even if you can’t attend live, you’ll have access to the replay. Hearing this kind of analysis of someone else’s dreams can still be illuminating.

Bonus #3: Lifetime Access to 3 of Helena’s Most-Loved Virtual Summits

Discover new pathways of personal development, open yourself to fresh perspectives on the full spectrum of the human experience, hone  your manifestation abilities, unlock wealth codes and so much more through Helena’s past 3 summits.

This collection represents 50+ hours of further modules to expand your time, open your heart,  heal your body + awaken your soul purpose:


Golden Threads: Weaving Ancient Wisdom Into Modern Bliss

Divine Instruments: Attaining Sovereignty Through Transcendence

Quantum Wealth Consciousness: Moving Towards a Radiant Economy


If you want to open your eyes wide to the truths readily available to you that, until now, you have convinced yourself you did not have space to explore and cultivate then you will get so much out of this incredible virtual experience.

Expect insights from this summit that will inspire you to:


Access the intelligence residing deep within you so you can direct your attention towards the projects that matter most to you

Know what’s possible even if you can’t see it yet because you have a profound connection to your role in the web of life
Make your “someday dreams” into your right now reality so you can stop waiting for external validation + permission from other people


As a carrier of wisdom and truth, you will benefit immensely from exploring ways to get out of your own way + package your gifts from the felt-sense landscape – when you experience the power of making decisions through the vehicle of the body you will find more balance and flow in your creative processes.

This summit will help you awaken to the gifts + guidance your body, mind, soul – everything your full Self so desperately wants to deliver to you.

Engaging with the content of this summit, you can expect to experience:

An unlocking of knowledge already within you so you can feel grounded, embodied, clear + decisive
Attunement to your Inner Divinity because you have relaxed into being fully human + an instrument of source energy
Sink inward to work somatically with the electricity of the body so you can increase your capacity for joy + pleasure

The content of this online event will help you deliver yourself to the world as the gift that you already are.

It is time to craft a new way of being, so that we can free ourselves from the anxieties that plague us, the anxieties that feed the monster of the illusion of scarcity.

So you can…

Wake up every day with a breath of relief, confident that your work/art/creation is elevating consciousness
Stop feeling the anxious chest-tightening feeling whenever you open your bank app + learn how spiritual people can create more money
Feel empowered as a leader who is paving the way for a more awakened world

In these modern times, with so much technology at our fingertips. everything happens rapidly.

Karma returns + heals faster which comes with great benefit but simultaneously requires a new level of responsibility which requires that you face the challenges with trust and competence and fidelity to who you are + to who you have always been.

With a mix of the practical + the radical, you can leverage the tools available to you to create feats that leave a legacy that makes us all proud to carry forth what our ancestors built + take pride in what we will hand over to future generations.

Where you put our intention + attention, when you look to where you are going, that is how you initiate change on a profound level and this summit will help you make this mindset an everyday reality..

The full suite of Summit Replays are available only for a limited time but when you enroll in this round of COURAGEOUS, you get lifetime access to this exclusive package of 50+ hours of presentations.

You’ll hear from 60+ experts in the fields of spirituality, consciousness, somatics and so much more. You’ll walk away with priceless additions to your digital library so you can return to the transformative content any time you want. ($699 value)

Bonus #4: 1:1 Identity Alchemy Coaching Session

In this exclusive 1:1 session a single-session format, Helena will guide you through her signature 3-part Identity Alchemy ™ process to help you understand shadow interferences that stand in the way of your wildly unapologetic joy + creativity — so you can exist in the world with unshakable confidence, showing up fully + consistently as your whole, authentic self.

Identity Alchemy ™ brings you down into the root of who you are becoming and unites your conscious mind with your subconscious. Paired with principles of the METANOIA METHOD, this work liberates you from the slog of self-doubt and launches you into new levels of manifestation capabilities.

You will be a different person after experiencing this exploration.

With a unique blend of metaphysical healing paired with practical strategy, this session might be all you need to bring your goals + desired outcomes into reality.

In past sessions, clients have experienced:

Shedding of the metaphorical weight 60 years of therapy hadn’t helped shift
Understanding of dreams from a entirely new perspective that opened them to deeper levels of self-knowledge, actualization + creative drive
Gained the motivation to commit to a lifelong desire to write a book
An infusion of confidence around self-promotion + selling
This session is an intensive deep dive structured to guide you toward liberating your energy & welcoming a new version of yourself bursting with creative energy. ($2,000 value)


What women like you have experienced:

“A journey into yourself.”

This program is a  journey into yourself to explore new directions. Helena encourages you to look deeper by using her tools of yoga, meditation, and other exercises. I’m feeling more confident +  happy to have been a part of this course. 


“Her approach is compassionate, open, perceptive, and caring.”

Helena is an existential ninja with keen listening abilities + enlightening insights. She has methods that helped me move from being numb + emotionally paralyzed to being engaged and actively creating my new life. Her approach is compassionate, open, perceptive, and caring. Her commitment is evident in every interaction. She invited me back into my life, walked me through the shadows and celebrated every turn with me. She’s been a godsend and I’m so grateful for our time working together. 

Heather (Healer + Artist + Entrepreneur)

“Enthusiasm that is contagious.”

Helena has a lovely combination of empowered, penetrating insight and the communication skills to back that up, paired with a feminine compassion and enthusiasm that is contagious.

Meg T. (Embodiment Coach)

The Logistics: 

ENROLLMENT CLOSES 11:59pm EST on Friday, December 2, 2022. This course runs from Monday, December 5, 2022- Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Space is limited to maintain an intimate setting for deep self-exploration + transformation.

My Promise to You

By the end of these 3 months you will have:

A fresh perspective on your life + past personal/business traumas
Comfort in showing up in new + dynamic ways
Tools + practices to help you cope with anything that happens
More audacious confidence than you know what to do with

“I feel confident and validated.”

I’m a better Scrabble player after working with Helena. She has a word for everything and our work together has made me feel confident and validated.

– Sarah Tugender (Entrepreneur, mom of 2)

This journey is FOR YOU if you…

Are a business owner ready to embody your full potential
Not a business owner but you have creative pursuits you want to bring to life
Want to leverage your shadow for way bigger impact + cash
Want to feel more intuitively guided + fearless
Desire new channels of expression
Have a willingness to shed light on the darkness of past wounds
Seek immediate results + practical tools to utilize throughout your life

This journey is probably NOT FOR YOU if you…

Lack curiosity
Are unwilling to apply a playful attitude to self-discovery
Have no interest in changing
Want to blend in with the crowd
Are NOT interested in hanging out with some badass entrepreneurs

RESULTS you can expect 

Clarity through routines + practices to help you tap into your truest, most authentic self because you have structure in place that supported you on a soul-level
Stop second-guessing and censoring yourself so you can finally unleash the creative intelligence that has been thirsting to express through you
Feel authentic and purpose-driven because you have newfound self-assuredness in your manifesting abilities
Release fear of visibility so you can show up in new and dynamic ways for yourself, your family + your work in the world
Dissolve destructive patterns and energetically strengthen your connection to divine guidance
Joy in the reward of discovering things you never knew about yourself because you have transformed your leaden shame into scintillating productivity
Feel at peace + experience wholeness

“Better able to discern the truth of me.”

After going through COURAGEOUS, I am better able to discern the truth of me. Helena is the real deal – genuine + effective. If you are considering this container – GO FOR IT.”

– Suzanne G. (Entrepreneur, Healer + Mother of 3)

“COURAGEOUS helped me feel whole”

COURAGEOUS helped me feel whole. I don’t know how else to describe it. I’m not “cured” of my anxieties or fears or neurosis, and my future didn’t suddenly come into focus. And I’m not going to lie about becoming more successful or certain, because the truth is a lot more profound and life changing; from day one this course helped me to be right here, right now, and to truly understand through experience that there is no right or wrong or good or bad. Everything just is. Whatever I am thinking, feeling, doing or experiencing is exactly as it should be. Being part of this group felt like having a circle of totally unconditional friends to hold hands with while I faced all my greatest fears head on. Together, with the power of all our combined energy, I felt whole enough to take whatever steps needed taking.

Sally H. (Artist + Mother)

“Helena’s joyful, light-hearted guidance made it all so easy”

This course challenged me but also provided so much support – I was amazed at how much fun I had exploring the depths of my soul. Helena’s joyful, light-hearted guidance made it all so easy. Helena is a truly transcendent teacher. COURAGEOUS is not just a program but a Life Path and provided me a welcome pivot – it was a vital gift at the right time and it felt like each of us in the group was walking eachother “home”. Helena is a pure soul full of joy, passion & grit – she’s a shining human.

Tracy Z. (Poet, Tai-Chi + Yoga Nidra Teacher, Published Author, Motorcyclist, Mother)

This program gives you the FULL PACKAGE which means aligning both the internal and the external. When you invest in COURAGEOUS you take a powerful step towards uniting your physical + spiritual experiences and benefit from the transformation available in a group container of other like-minded business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How much time will I need to spend on the assignments?

Expect to spend 3-4 hours per week on assignments or around 30 minutes each day in addition to the live 90-minute calls. Each yoga video + guided meditation takes no more than 10-15 minutes each. Some modules involve more intensive journaling practices than others but, on average, you can expect that dedicating 30 minutes daily to your transformation will produce profound results.



What is the Infinite Self?

The Infinite Self work we do in COURAGEOUS centers around the concept that your past, future, higher, and current selves exist simultaneously on all planes at all times. Sounds kind of trippy, huh? It is. This work helps you move forward confidently in life. Your Infinite Self extends in all directions at once and will assist you reclaiming lost power.


What does Existential Kink mean?

As a Certified Existential Kink practitioner, I guide you through a process of uniting your conscious and unconscious minds. This form of rapid shadow integration uses somatic meditation to transmute and liberate undesirable feelings and thoughts into the “gold” that we all require to power us forward towards healing, acceptance + abundance. Existential Kink helps us turn the gunk of our unprocessed trauma into fertile ground.


How do I know if I’m a YES for this program?

You want to feel a deep YES  in your body when it comes to signing up for COURAGEOUS because this work takes commitment. If this course appeals to you, you may have already experienced a sensation that could translate as exhilaration, or a response like “this is exactly what I need and what I have been looking for…” But, you might also have lots of reasons not to proceed. That’s your ego putting up resistance to change. We aren’t programmed for happiness, we are programmed for survival. Knowing the difference between no and yes is up to your own discernment but be sure to dig into where that “no” might come from… then take a moment to ask yourself: when I say yes, what will I do with all that courage and confidence? Who will I be when I no longer allow self-doubt + insecurity to hold me back?


Do I need to be a business owner to get results?

Nope. With my 12+ years operating in the online entrepreneurial space, I have helped hundreds of business owners integrate their shadows + overcome massive resistance to having confidence in themselves. I have also helped hundreds of creative women who do not run their own businesses do the same. COURAGEOUS will help you fall deeply in love with your life regardless of what you call yourself.


What happens when I sign up for COURAGEOUS?

After you submit your application and if you are accepted to the program, you will receive a confirmation email + a notice from our private online (non-social media) platform to set up an account. You will also receive an orientation email to help you prepare for our Opening Ceremony Monday, December 5, 2022 @ 2:00pm Eastern. Modules will go live every other Monday @6:00am Eastern starting December 5th. Weekly Teaching/Coaching calls will take place on Wednesdays 2:00-3:30pm Eastern. Voxer access will commence after the Opening Ceremony.


What is Voxer?

Voxer is a free walkie talkie application that allows for the group to stay connected and in a flow of communication between coaching calls. You can send text messages, pictures, vidoes and streams of consciousness. This is also the place to receive additional guidance from Helena and your peers.


When will the teaching + coaching calls take place?

Our Opening Ceremony call will take place Monday, December 5, 2022 @ 2:00pm Eastern. All calls will last 90 minutes + will be recorded for future viewing as well as for those who cannot attend live.


What is dreamwork and how do we use it in COURAGEOUS?

Working with your dreams means you walk what Carl Jung called the Golden Road to the unconscious.

Your nighttime dreams have profound revelatory gifts and information for you designed to guide, heal + inspire. Dreamwork enables you to better understand the symbolic language used by your unconscious mind so you can KNOW THYSELF at a profound level. For COURAGEOUS, Helena has developed the Dream Translation Process that enables you to directly converse with your dreams.

During your orientation call, Helena will walk you through the seven-step Dream Translation Process. As well as cover how to benefit from the Dream Conversations PDF.

Within the first two weeks of the course you will also experience the Dream Translation Workshop where you will bring a dream you want to better understand and Helena will provide direct guidance for comprehending the meaning & message while also providing you tangible steps for how to bring the dream to life.

Do you have a refund policy?

COURAGEOUS enrolls deeply committed students seeking results. By engaging with the content, attending the live weekly calls + participating in the Voxer group, you will be delighted with your experience. This work requires commitment on all levels, across all planes, one of which is financial. Thus, we do not offer refunds and only take students who KNOW this is the right program for them.


If my application is accepted, what can I expect from booking an Excavation Session?

After applying, if you are a good fit for the program, you will be invited to book and Excavation Session with Helena. This 30-minute session will help you unearth the blocks holding you back and tune into your Guiding Desires. Even if you decide not to join this round of COURAGEOUS, you’ll walk away from this session with a clear sense of what you want and who you need to be to manifest it. One client relayed that during one of these sessions, she mapped a course to becoming a millionaire. Let’s discover what’s possible for you. ($1,000 value)


What is the schedule for COURAGEOUS 4.0?

Access opens to weekly module content begins every other Monday @ 6:00am EST. You can begin right away with your practices + explorations which will then be supported by the weekly calls.

LIVE Call schedule:
Monday, December 5, 2022 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Opening Ceremony

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Module 1 Teaching + Q&A Call

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Coaching Call

Friday, December 16, 2022 @1:00pm-2:30pm EST – DREAM TRANSLATION WORKSHOP

Wednesday, December 21, 2022 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Module 2 Teaching + Q&A Call

Wednesday, December 28th 2022 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Coaching Call

Wednesday, January 4, 2023 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Module 3 Teaching + Q&A

Wednesday, January 11, 2023 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Coaching Call

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Module 4 Teaching + Q&A

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Coaching Call

*Monday, January 30,, 2023 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Module 5 Teaching + Q&A

Wednesday, February 8, 2023 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Coaching Call

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Module 6 Teaching + Q&A

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 @ 1:00pm-2:30pm EST – Coaching Call

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 @1:00-2:30pm EST – Closing Ceremony


About Helena

Helena Grant, a Launch Coach, certified Existential Kink practitioner, RYT-200 Hour Yoga Teacher + intuitive healer delights in assisting visionary entrepreneurs attain greater self-mastery in their lives and businesses. With a distinctly earnest, playful yet highly practical approach to strategy, Helena helps her clients craft realities that synthesize their material + metaphysical lives for greater freedom, flow, and ease on every level – so they can experience happiness through wholeness. With the founding her style consultancy H.GrantStyle in 2015, Helena quickly discovered the power of uniting the internal + external landscapes in the journey towards fulfillment. This revelation led Helena to study multi-disciplinary modalities such as: Reiki, Yoga, Akasha, Dream Guidance, Shamanic Practices, and Shadow Integration to assist her clients in creating more profound + loving relationships with themselves. Inspired by her two young children to forge a new path, Helena works with her audience through life-changing online experiences + 1:1 coaching. Additionally, Helena specializes in guiding clients through the deeply transformative process of hosting, producing + launching virtual summits on a global scale.

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