It is up to us to change the conversation with ourselves.

There are things we say without speaking and the messages ripple outwards.

It is up to us to take responsibility for being our own everyday superhero.

The message we send to the world, and most importantly to ourselves, must be intentional, pure and nurturing. Our power resides within, where it is easy to protect, and hide, but that outdated and ineffective approach is ready for a rebrand.

It is time to take the leap, to support one another by first cultivating our own, individual expansion.

There is no collective without the individual.

Every day we make choices and when you dress intuitively, decisions become more fluid. You have more time and energy to allot to the important things in life like taking care of yourself and re-distributing well-being.

Take the leap.

Don’t wait for a costume change.

Wear your superhero logo on the outside for all to see; display your strength of choices. Celebrate who you are by embracing the magnificent machine that is your body.

Be your own Wonderwoman, Superwoman, Captain Marvel. Be a changemaker by supporting changemakers.

When we work together, we are emboldened.

This blog officially launches my affiliation with female-owned, sustainability-minded brands.

Pictured here is the Yellowcake Classic Trench which I wear as a dress and a rain jacket. It’s sexy, versatile and perfectly equipped to take me from the concrete jungle of Boston to the Connecticut countryside playground. The detachable hood and deep pockets make me feel like all buildings are only as high as a single bound.

Here is your assignment, if you choose to accept it:

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