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Are you full of ideas + inspiration that you know will propel your business forward… but you feel bogged down by procrastination that prevents you from launching your soul-aligned creative offer into the world – whether that’s writing a book, creating an online course, or sharing your latest divine download?

Do persistent feelings of doubt, lack, or “not-enough-ness” hold you back + keep you stuck every time you feel inspired to finally take action on your goals – whether that means sitting down to write or removing the packaging of a new canvas?
Have you tried all sorts of approaches like workshops, challenges + free inspirational content, designed to help yet keeps you stuck, but nothing seems to help? You still don’t have the life + business you truly want because you feel creatively blocked + overwhelmed?

“I feel a sense of clarity and inspiration…I find this incredibly empowering and I cannot recommend [these tools] enough!”

– Lucy, Entrepreneur

You can see so clearly the desired result – – IGNITE your confident creative force & allow the genius to flow out of you… so that you’ll soon see your book flying off the shelves, your art on the local gallery walls, your posts going viral.

But something continues to interfere with you believing in yourself, your gifts, your talents – and it leaves you feeling frustrated as if you might be cursed to live an unproductive life.

Does an inner critic pervade your thoughts? A familiar voice that insists you aren’t good enough to have what you want – that even trying to attain it might lead to failure, to doom, to rejection… a voice you have worked so hard to silence.

This part of you says: Safe right here, as is. Why spread your wings, change + grow? Aren’t you more comfortable staying the same?

I don’t have to tell you that many people let this self-sabotaging monologue rule their lives leading to the sort of frustration that manifests as digestive issues, chronic fatigue + creative paralysis.

It’s much easier, much more comfortable to stay the same, to remain small because change, even the good kind in the direction of your dreams, brings discomfort.

Our deep, mammalian brains, wired for survival, not happiness, want us to stay safe + hidden which translates as: unmotivated.

This ingrained response system, which has in many ways served us as a species, paradoxically holds us back from leading extraordinary lives filled with freedom, joy + abundance.

It contributes to our modern society pervaded by a dis-ease of subliminal misery + disconnection like:

Doom-scrolling on social media
Binge-eating sugary foods in order to self-soothe
Picking fights with loved ones at the end of another “wasted” day
Consumption of mind-altering substances to quell your persistent monkey mind
Self-flagellation that you once again made no progress on your To-Do list
Many can find a sort of familiar contentment in this space, allowing external factors to dictate how they feel, what they do, how they show up in the world because it’s so much easier than committing to changing + creating from a place that feels good.

They might seek refuge in any number of mind-numbing activities; they hold onto the hope that something will shift eventually….

But, you’re different. And that kind of thinking doesn’t cut it for you.

You’ve always felt that something more exists – it calls to you from deep inside, from the unseen realms of your consciousness – a gentle voice whispering to you, feeding your imagination about what’s possible for you, providing visions that call you forward…

You can see so clearly the…

Cover of your book
Colors of your next painting blending + dancing together on the canvas
Grateful comments on your inspired posts, the delighted replies to your latest email sequence

Proud look on your partner’s face when you finally serenade them with that guitar you’ve been wanting to learn

Whatever other creative projects you’ve been itching to start on!
You want to answer the call but instead you question yourself.

You get bogged down reading countless self-help books, searching around for a new ritual or tarot card spread that will help you navigate this treacherous forest of self-doubt + overwhelm that keeps you stuck in procrastination mode.

Even your vivid dreams seem to want to lead you forward.

You want to let go of blockages, to feel happy and have the energy to complete tasks – to move beyond shame, fear, loneliness + self-loathing – to become more integrated and liberated.

You want to feel more MOTIVATED so you can step into a version of you full of abundant self-esteem, free from insecurity, overwhelm + fear of judgment.

A “you” so MOTIVATED that you are full of self-love, inspiration, driven by purpose – like an unstoppable Creative Force.

I designed this 21-day self-study journey with you in mind.

Not long ago I struggled with such profound self-doubt that it made me physically ill, not to mention depressed + miserable + stuck. I was so full of inspiration with no clear direction or focus on where to channel it or how to bring it into form.

I had a successful business and I loved my role as a mother of 2, but I felt constant overwhelm at my stagnate, mile-long to-do list that didn’t leave any time for me to focus on myself + the books I wanted to write, the paintings I wanted to paint, the clothes I wanted to make.

But I found a new way to release the stronghold of my negative emotions while simultaneously transmuting them into beneficial, rather than detrimental, energies that keep me inspired, productive + motivated to follow the sacred instructions I receive.

“I moved from being numb + emotionally paralyzed to being engaged + actively creating my new life.”

– Heather, Artist + Healer

Sometimes, on the way to having more resolve, we need to dissolve the self-doubt + resistance that stands between us and the full expression of our Creative Force.

I can’t wait to share these strategies with you.

Hi, I’m Helena… and I want you to know I created something just for you! For so much of my life, my motivation came from a very surface-level place of wanting to people-please + receive external approval. Thanks to conditioning, I thought that if I could feel bad about myself + beat myself up enough, I’d surely be productive + successful. While this approach worked in many respects, it left me feeling disconnected and mentally and physically ill – and eventually unable to motivate myself at all. When I discovered shadow integration techniques + tools, everything shifted. WIth the help of the practices I share in MOTIVATED: A 21-day Spell to Banish Procrastination, Dissolve Self-Doubt + Ignite Your Confidence, I have managed to move into a new, highly productive + profoundly joyful version of myself. I run a six-figure coaching business, host bi-annual virtual summits, have a book deal in the pipeline – all while raising two young children!

Each of the twenty-one steps that comprise the MOTIVATED experience offers a novel, holistic approach to self-exploration + rapid shadow integration through a unique blend of guided meditations, gentle movement practices, journal prompts + mindset work.

In about ~5 minutes a day, you will experience profound shifts in your perspective + make lasting changes because, unlike many of the other personal development programs out there, MOTIVATED takes into account your wholeness.

Because your calling comes from a deep place, so too must your motivation to answer it.

What you get out of MOTIVATED:

21 days of fun, easy, accessible practices to release self-doubt


A new perspective on your procrastination tendencies

Practical tools to develop confidence through self-exploration

Prompts that will initiate change on a deep, subconscious level

An energetic foundation for creating from a healed, feel-good place

“​​My biggest struggle before starting this course was believing I could achieve anything – I felt frustrated + hopeless. MOTIVATED provides a simple way to devote time to yourself every day to achieve your dreams – I now have everything I wanted – need to dream bigger now for the next round. I love what you’re doing for people, Helena. I appreciate you.”

– Andrea S.

The Logistics: 

MOTIVATED commences the minute you purchase it so you can get started right away
You will receive daily access to the prompt for the corresponding step
You will have Lifetime Access to the content so + can always return to the program

When you enroll, you will be directed to a page with prompts for how to best prepare for the transformative 21-day journey of MOTIVATED

“It’s an experience full of inspiration and tools to motivate and build confidence. So fascinating. Helena guides us to experience so many helpful ways of experiencing ourselves and understanding ourselves. A great course for healing and finding that inner motivation through self love. I feel empowered. I feel like I have such great tools to go to and so much to reflect on. I feel elevated. Helena’s spirit and work is so beautiful and generous.”

– Motivated 2.0 Participant

Do you feel like a disconnect exists between where you find yourself in your life and where you want to go + who you want to be + what you want to create?

Are you ready to exercise sovereignty over self-doubt? To reduce resistance + cultivate confidence?

Then take the next step towards self-actualization: get MOTIVATED.

“Working with Helena has proven invaluable and completely transformed my life – I’ve learned more from our work together than from any other modality or energy work. I yearned to grow + deepen in consciousness and now, after this journey, I feel more creatively aligned, freer, more open to infinite possibilities; and have experienced a renewal of what that means.”

– Jacquelin, Teacher + Writer

MOTIVATED typically requires a $499 investment for all the incredible value contained in these 21 steps.

But, you can benefit from this collection of powerful, transformational tools for 1/5th the price.


(A 80% savings!)

This course will set you up for success not just in terms of what you want to accomplish right now – but also for life.

These exercises and practices, which I use extensively both personally and in my coaching containers, will infuse you with new perspectives + insights so you can finally release all that has held you back from experiencing life lived to the fullest expression.

Follow these steps and you will find the sort of motivation that propels you to live in the high-vibrational state of Joy.

Isn’t it time you got MOTIVATED?

Let’s light that flame + forever banish the curse of procrastination!

“Working with Helena feels like arriving at the altar of my fairy daemoness godmother.”

– Kathleen, Art Sorceress + Storyteller + Teacher

“This life changing, life enhancing course helped me overcome unsurmountable personal + professional challenges. I now feel much more motivated in my life with greater clarity.”

– R.P.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is MOTIVATED designed for?

Creators! This 21-day self-study journey will help anyone shift into creating from a FEEL-GOOD place and get sh*t done, especially if you have a creative streak + want to feel happier and more expressive in your life. These techniques have multiple applications which will serve you during this 3-week experience – and well beyond!

What transformation will I experience?

This suite of transformational tools brings together all the practices and prompts I utilize personally as well as in my coaching + teaching containers. You can expect to feel a tremendous shift in your energy from frustrated + stuck to creating from a resoundingly confident FLOW STATE. You will also find you open up to a new way of experiencing the world + your place in it within the first five days of starting MOTIVATED.


How will this program help me? What results can I expect?

This program will help you dissolve creative blocks while also providing you with new perspectives on the origin of those blocks, and how to relate to them in a way that heals you from the inside out – so that you can express yourself from a place of wholeness.

When you do the practices outlined in this 21-day program, you will have all the tools you need to:


  • Finally understand where your procrastination comes from so you can move through it
  • Overcome the self-doubt and judgment that has hijacked your creativity
  • Go from feeling creatively blocked to spending hours every week in flow state
  • Learn to LOVE your own creative genius & your process
  • Have a deep sense of PEACE when you work on your creative projects, because you trust that it is coming from a divinely inspired place
What if I can’t keep up with the 21-day pace?

Even if you feel like you can’t make the time for these daily ~5-minute practices, that’s ok! You will have lifetime access to the materials. Additionally, MOTIVATED will provide you with beneficial transformations regardless of how many days you partake in the practices – even one day will change your life + how you interact with your Creative Force.


Why should I sign up for MOTIVATED right now?

Normally MOTIVATED requires a $499 investment. But I want as many people as possible to benefit from what this journey has to offer so I have made it available at 1/5th the price. 

“Helena provided me with methods to rediscover and reconnect with my true self and taught me tools that help me feel confident… I felt inspired and activated even after the sessions ended. Helena has an uncanny ability to tap into the core of a discussion, idea or problem and connect you to a wealth of guidance to unearth your gifts and reach your goals.”

– Robin P., Artist + Gardener + Retired Government Employee

“Thank you so much for your beautiful work and generosity, Helena! MOTIVATED has been an elevating experience full of goodness. I feel enriched and empowered with so many tools. Thank you, thank you!”

– Lisa J.

About Helena

Helena Grant, a certified Existential Kink coach, RYT-200 Hour Yoga Teacher, intuitive healer + expert storyteller, delights in assisting visionary entrepreneurs and artists attain greater self-mastery in their lives and businesses. With a distinctly earnest, playful yet highly practical approach, and with a penchant for dream work, Helena helps her clients craft realities that synthesize their material and metaphysical lives for greater freedom, flow, and ease on every level – so they can experience happiness through wholeness. With the founding her style consultancy H.GrantStyle in 2015, Helena quickly discovered the power of uniting the internal + external landscapes in the journey towards fulfillment. This revelation led Helena to study multi-disciplinary modalities such as: Reiki, Yoga, Akasha, Dream Guidance, Shamanic Practices, and Transformational Life Coaching to assist her clients in creating more profound + loving relationships with themselves. Inspired by her young daughter to forge a new path, Helena works with her audience through life-changing online experiences + 1:1 coaching that synthesizes all aspects of her students’ lives so they can actualize their potential, activate their creativity, and experience resounding joy. Additionally, Helena specializes in guiding clients in the deeply transformative process of hosting and producing virtual events on a global scale. Her book PATTERN INTERRUPT: Leveraging Personal Style as a Tool of Self-Discovery hits shelves next year.

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