It’s a bit counter-intuitive but a small, well-planned suitcase gives you a plethora of options plus the ability to feel unhindered by your baggage.  Keep it to a carry-on and make sure everything you take with you is worthy of a place in your bag.

Remember this “packing zen” phrase:  

Large, heavy suitcase: struggle and forget things.

Small, manageable suitcase: forget nothing, wear everything.

5 Strategies for Feeling Fab No Matter Your Destination:

1)   Pack for 3 days – prepare for one hot, one cold, and one rainy day (apply as necessary).  What you need for 3 days is the same as what you require for 10 so focus on minimalism.  Align your itinerary with the weather and it helps to select a tonal palette of colors: choose a capsule of 3 base neutrals and two accent colors.  This will also aide you in accomplishing strategy #2.

2)   It’s a big PUZZLE – think of it as a game: each item needs to serve more than one purpose.  Lay it all out on the bed or the floor – walk through each day’s activities and envision the outfits.  Interchangeability is a plus i.e. a dress for evening becomes a dress for day; plays well with sneakers and heels.

3)   Fold & Roll – maximize space and minimize wrinkles by turning every item into a burrito-sized roll.  Stuff shoes with smaller items like socks and underwear.

4)   Prioritize – sometimes our imaginations are bigger than the suitcase; put the most important, must-have pieces in first so you don’t end up cramming the essentials in at the end.

5)   Travel Outfit – look nice for the best treatment but go for comfort.  Who do you think will get the upgrade? The woman in yoga pants and sneakers or the one in skinny jeans, ballet flats and a perfectly draped scarf?  Layers are key for fluctuating temperatures and en route is the best time to transport bulky items like sweaters, outwear and shoes.


Helena Grant is the founder of the personal styling company H.GrantStyle and creator of the online course BE YOUR OWN STYLIST.  She is on a mission to ensure every woman everywhere feels like a ROCKSTAR every day.


Packing List

Destination: Anywhere in the world

Duration: 3 days. 10 days or 3 weeks

Weather Preparedness: Hot, rainy, cold (30-70 degrees)

Important activities





      Feeling awesome all the time

Style Itinerary:

Travel outfit

      Skinny jeans (dark wash or printed)


      Tank top

      Lightweight sweater

      Leather jacket

      Moto boots

      Blanket scarf

Day 1 – Exploring, hiking

Morning: Athleisure

      Deconstructed flannel

      Printed leggings


      Wide belt




Evening: Loungewear

      Jogger pants



      Ballet flats


Evening: Out to Dinner

      Fitted Dress

      Leather leggings

      Ballet flats

      Vest or leather jacket or both layered together

Day 2 – Touring

Morning: Athleisure

      Long black leggings

      Sport tank

      Performance top or long cashmere sweater

      Mid-weight zipper jacket


Evening: Dinner

      Distressed jeans

      Silk blouse

      Striped cashmere sweater for warmth

      Vest for added coziness

      Moto boots

Day 3: Shopping

Morning: polish so the shop clerks treat me well

      Printed travel jeans

      Striped long sleeve shirt

      Moto boots

      Skinny belt

Evening: Dinner at the bar

      Leather leggings

      Fitted dress

      Ballet flats



      Distressed jeans

      Cashmere sweater

      Moto boots

      Leather jacket

Travel outfit

      Printed jeans

      Tee shirt

      Flannel shirt tied at the waist

      Moto boots

      Leather jacket


Packing List:

Yoga/Athleisure clothes

      3 pairs of leggings

      Lounge pants

      4 Tank tops (for layering)

      Sports top (built-in bra)

      Sports bra

      Warm layer




      Socks (3-4 pairs)

      Baseball hat


      2 pairs of jeans

      2 short sleeve tee shirts

      1 long sleeve tee shirt

      2 sweaters (wool/cashmere preferable)

      Ballet flats

      Blanket scarf (wrap yourself up on the plane!)

      Winter hat (beanie) or warm headband


      Water bottle




      Dop kit (hair, skin and tooth care)

      Make-up bag (for headshots)

      Chargers – phone/ipad/computer

Photography by Sonya Highfield