Think about how amazing your feet are. As someone who used to hate mine I’ve come a long way from thinking they would be better off without the toes that are exact replicas of my father’s (and all my relatives on his side of the family –strong Irish genes, you know).

But really, your feet support you in so many ways – and in all we do from running, jumping, skipping and dancing to just standing still and staying upright.

And the best way to support our feet in supporting us?

Fabulous shoes, of course.

This does not have to mean wearing stilettos all day long every day (though if that’s your thing, go for it!).

When I say fabulous shoes, I mean footwear that supports you in your life and lifestyle – shoes that are both function and aesthetically appealing.

I have been in a lot of wardrobes.  I have seen a lot of clothes and many, many pairs of shoes and, having danced a million miles already, I have identified four basic styles that are at the foundation of any complete wardrobe:

FLAT  – your go-to style.  A flat can be worn just as easily with jeans as a dress (which is what you want out of all your shoes.  Versatility is KEY). Personally I love a pointy-toe ballet flat because it elongates the leg.

LIFT – it’s a well-know fact that high heels were originally invented by a man with the absolute intention of changing a woman’s physiology – no wonder you feel different in a heel. Specifically I say LIFT in this case because it does not have to be some absurd hindrance of a stiletto.  Instead look for something that brings the height without sacrificing your ability to walk. Think: wedge, kitten, platform or block heel. And, if you do opt for a stiletto, ensure the “pitch” is manageable which means the distance between the heel of the shoe and the fold of the foot is not too short i.e. the longer the distance, the lower the pitch, the more comfortable the shoe.

SNEAKER  – serves many purposes and even if you “don’t exercise” a good sneaker – especially a loafer-style (something with more flair that foam) can serve you well for outfits that run the gamut from dog walking to brunching to mastering your daily commute.  The key with sneakers is to opt for fancier materials (think satin and pony hair) to keep them looking more fashion forward rather than gym rat schlubby dumpy.

BOOTIE – a style great for all seasons, all weather, all outfits.  Look for something that hits right above the ankle bone and all the better if it has a stacked heel which helps distribute your weight and makes the booties more durable.

The real trick of all this is finding just the right shoe –something this is distinctive and yet highly functional.  I have personally tried out many, many pairs and am a huge fan of www.shoesofprey.com for their incredible selection of made-to-order options.