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CLOTHES out your energy loops.
Change your clothes, change your life.

Do you feel drained every time you get dressed?

Does going to your closet feel like a chore?

That’s not you, or your closet – that’s energy.

Our clothes hold energy – are yours honoring who you are right now, or where you want to be in your life and business?

Your closet is the ONE THING in your life over which you have complete control. You decide what goes in there and what gets worn, how it all comes together to craft a message that says so much without speaking. But feeling overwhelmed is the fast track to being disempowered. So, if you are saying the same things to yourself every day (i.e. I hate my clothes, nothing fits, I have nothing to wear, etc.) you are getting stuck in a cycle of energy loops and it’s creating energy leaks.

That’s where style comes in – and I want to help you live life in H.GrantStyle.


A multi-dimensional approach to finding the most powerful “you” starting with the clothes you already own.

Ever wonder what message you are sending and if it aligns with what you really want? Do you struggle with deciding what to wear and end up putting on the same thing over and over? Wish there was a better, easier way to look and feel your best?

Gain creative perspective and harness the power of the non-verbal message you send both to the world and, more importantly, to yourself.

That’s the power of style – it’s about expressing yourself through the clothes you wear and living an embodied life no matter how old you are, what you do, what size you are or where you live.

Single Touched By A Goddess Virtual Session

The Power of Three

Unleash the possibilities that exist in at least 3 items from your current closet. Don’t know how to wear something? Haven’t worn it in a long time? Open your eyes to the potential in what you already own. Want advice on what to wear to an upcoming event including hair, make-up and accessories advice? No problem. Looking for someone to help you plan a branding shoot or pack a rockstar-worthy carry-on suitcase that’s light as a feather? Logistics never felt so fun and easy to orchestrate. Planning video content and can’t figure out how to best represent your brand? Let’s get you styled.

One hour video, life-altering video-conference session will shake things up and into place, starting with your wardrobe.

Session notes + recommended links + recording sent within 48 hours of session

Normally $275

Truth. Helena is amazing at her job. Not only the styling component (at which she rocks) but also – and importantly – at making women feel beautiful, empowered, confident, unique, fearless. I feel touched by a goddess.

– Meghan, Philanthropist, mother of 2

Aligning Your Power 3-Pack

Diving Deeper

Attuning your closet to harmoniously support you in all you do can be fun and easy, with the right guidance. But, it does take time. This compilation of 3 Touched By A Goddess Virtual Sessions covers all the bases and includes access to continuing support throughout the 5 weeks. Benefit from a no-(moth)holes-barred closet assessment and transformative insights that will breathe new life into what you already own and educate you on what and how to purchase in the future. Identify what items are draining your energy and why; strategize on shedding unwanted weight and freeing up precious “hanger real estate” for what will truly serve you in every area of your life.

Normally $725

Helena puts so much love and passion into her work.  Everything I pick out of my closet, I’m in love with and when I wear it, I feel loved.

Maggie, Naturopath, Founder of Your Wellness Expert, Mother of 2

Amplify Your Message/Purpose

Focused 1:1 Attention

Your closet is a metaphor, an extension of you  – it is a garden, a kitchen, a canvas, an altar; it is a breeding ground for transformation and transition at every turn. It’s a place where energy can stagnate and feed into a feeling of being “stuck” in life. A lot of this has to do with stories we have been told, or that we tell ourselves. And most of the time, we shoulder the burden of a closet-full-of-clothes-and-nothing-to-wear because we don’t know any other way to exist. We have come to accept where things are, as they are; and we keep buying the same things over-and-over again expecting different results. But, when you transform your physical space, your internal landscape responds and shifts occur. When you look at yourself in the mirror and see a reflection that more closely resembles your ideal version of yourself, you magnetize what you really want in life: intangible but highly desirable things like comfort and confidence. When we work 1:1 on an extended basis, we initiate transformation from the outside in and create a container in which you can cultivate profound self-love so that your inner beauty can radiate in the right direction rather than be doused by feeling like you don’t have access to expressing who you really are. We align what you are wearing in life with how you are living to maximize the delivery of your gifts and attain a state of stylish synchronicity where everything feels like it falls into place in a covetable, Pinterest-worthy way.

*Working at this level requires deep commitment to transforming your outer and inner worlds; an initial Touched By A Goddess session is a pre-requisite, after which we can book a call to discuss if we are a good fit for one another.

I feel so beautiful and confident after working with Helena – like I can do anything.

Yvonne, Corporate Attorney, JAG, voyager

In just an hour with Helena, she helped me find thousands of dollars hidden in my closet.

We all have those pieces that just sit there because when we bring them into our home, they no longer feel like our energy, and those add up fast! Helena helped me find + style the hidden diamonds (and release those energy lumps of coal), saving me from donating hundreds of dollars of clothes…and then having to replace them with something new!


Not sure what to wear to an event to feel like the highest version of yourself? Call Helena. Feeling stuck and know you need to release some energy? Call Helena. 


As a bonus, my husband LOVES when I work with Helena, because everything that was just sitting there taking up space is suddenly so easily to release!

Kristen Jett, CEO + Profit Priestess

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