It started happening early on – my clients would say:

“I feel like you are doing more than just helping me figure out what to wear…”

And it’s true. But I didn’t really understand all of it until recently.

The fact is, my work comes from a deep place of believing that every woman everywhere deserves to look and feel beautiful and powerful every day.

It is this belief that drove me to launch H.GRANTSTYLE and what spurred me to create my online offerings (BE YOUR OWN STYLIST and Capsule Creation Crash Course).

And recently I realized something…you can take it or leave it.

There’s spirituality in the process of getting dressed.

When you wear something that represents who you are, who you want to be, the Universe responds in incredible ways. When you celebrate your beauty with clothes you know look good, your body and mind align.

You empower yourself by integrating the inside and the outside.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive.  It doesn’t even have to involve new clothes – the best way to initiate this is with a shift in perspective. By making the choice to decide you will honor your beauty, and celebrate it.

I believe that a woman’s closet is her “altar” –  it’s a place where her expression of beauty starts every day and it represents a density of symbols – the brands she loves, the things she believes about herself. Your closet is also the one thing in your life over which you have complete control; there is ritual involved when you put on something that makes you feel unstoppable.

And when you feel unstoppable – that’s when you become one of those women who people always say: “WOW, she always looks fabulous!”

In my opinion, this can happen every day whether it’s a Little Black Dress or a pair of jeans that fits just right, even yoga pants can illicit this internal feeling of empowerment and an external reaction of compliments.

Whatever you wear, it needs to FIT you both literally and figuratively.

And as for the “altar” part? That’s where we get into the logistics of organization and merchandising your closet so it looks like your favorite boutique, a topic we cover in a dedicated module of BE YOUR OWN STYLIST.

But all of this takes effort – at least in the beginning as you are setting up to #DressIntuitively (side note: will link to challenge evenually).

It’s so easy to say: “It doesn’t matter how I look.”

I actually hear this a lot. I try not to get too perturbed but, when you say it doesn’t matter how I look, this is what you are really saying:

It doesn’t matter = I don’t care

I don’t care = I’m not worth it

I’m not worth it = a crime against yourself

You are ALWAYS worth the effort. You are BEAUTIFUL. Let your inner goddess shine. Watch and see how differently people respond to you – watch and see how differently your respond to yourself.

Photography by Sonya Highfield