Lack Holding You Back?

Lack Holding You Back?

I recently worked with a client, let’s call her Francesca*. She had her work wardrobe down pat and felt empowered and confident every day of the week.

Except Saturday and Sunday.

And anytime she got dressed to go on a date with her boyfriend.

Or go out with friends…

The reality of her closet made her dread off-duty time and she was seeking fast, easy-fix style solutions at places like Target and H&M, which she had identified was making the situation worse.

She knew there was a gaping hole in her wardrobe. But, because it represented her personal life, and not “professional,” she was seeking fast-fashion solutions that compromised her self-worth.

Lack was holding her back.

Her closet was not in HARMONY.

She didn’t feel worthy of looking and feeling beautiful and powerful in the clothes she wore to restore herself on the weekends.

As an entrepreneur she thought that only her work wardrobe deserved attention.

Listening to her, I identified viscerally with her struggle and was transported to a time that was easy to re-live emotionally, when I didn’t want to get out of bed on a Saturday morning because I felt like I didn’t have anything to wear.

Lack was holding me back.

I wanted it to be Monday when things were more clear-cut and I knew exactly what to wear.

These experiences, the ones I have lived myself or helped my clients overcome, drives me in my work as a personal stylist and also lead to my design of the Style Archetypes™ as a way to understand the most effective way for women to express themselves through their clothing.

Francesca was exhibiting a strong CEO Style Archetype™ but so many of the other six archetypes were out of balance which was interfering with her living life to the fullest – ummm hello? Not wanting to go out with her boyfriend and her friends because she didn’t like the clothes she had to wear for this activities?


Her DANCER needed attention, the energy that would enable her to embrace her curves, and her GYPSY was calling for liberation.

After our session, Francesca now cultivates her style with pieces from stores that support the newfound vision of herself.

She now has a closet that supports her life and lifestyle.

*I highly value the confidentiality of my clients and thus all names have been changed.


On April 27, 2019 I am hosting a Style Archetype™ Workshop at my Downtown Boston studio.

I will be unveiling a whole new way to understand what is YOU and how to harness the power of your current closet and make the best decisions possible in future purchases.

CLICK HERE for more information and to sign up.

7 Style Questions

7 Style Questions

 1. FEEL
 2. DO
 5. WHAT
 6. WHO
 7. ONE 

The overwhelm is totally understandable and, to be honest, sometimes I experience it, too.

I know, I know… I’m a STYLIST. Getting dressed is my job and helping people make it fun and easy is what I do for a living.

Even for me, there are days that are a little harder than others. So many logistics to juggle, so many things to do, places to be. And sometimes, it’s just me in my home office hosting Touched By A Goddess sessions for virtual clients and I could probably get away with wearing something presentable on top and my jammies on the bottom.

BUT that is NOT how I roll.

Because what you were is not just a message to the world but, most importantly, a message to yourself.

Never have we had so many options and yet felt totally lost in terms of what will help us look and feel our best.

We are bombarded by: buy this, BUY THIS and yet how do we make all the pieces work together? How do we make getting dressed intuitive so that we don’t have to think, don’t need to feel judged and no longer have to struggle?

I’m on a quest to find out and I designed these 7 Style Questions to help you get to the root of how you want to feel on any given day and how to craft and outfit that will align with your desires and your needs – that’s the magic of STYLE.

1)   How do you want to FEEL?
2)   What do you have to DO?
3)   What is the WEATHER?
4)   How will you get around? What is your TRANSPORTATION?
5)   What would you wear if none of it mattered?
6)   WHO are you being?
7)   What ONE item most closely aligns with all of the above?

1) How do you want to FEEL?
If you only ask yourself one question, let it be this one.

Let me paint you a picture: you wake up, you’re exhausted and you need to get your day underway so this first question might have absolutely nothing to do with your current state-of-mind at the time.

This is the moment when the default mode typically kicks in and you reach for what you’ve been wearing the past couple of days (maybe no one will notice?) because you want the process to be over with and does it really matter anyways?


Clothes are a tangible factor in your manifestation of the life you desire and deserve.

This is also the moment where your Style Directives come into play which is something I help clients identify in 1:1 session and in group style coaching.

Here are some examples of where to start with your own Style Directives but feel free to fill in your own blanks.

Turn the question into a statement:

Today I want to FEEL _______.
Today I want to FEEL beautiful.
Today I want to FEEL confident.
Today I want to FEEL unique.

Select a powerful word and watch what happens when you go to pick out what you are going to wear.

2) What do you have to DO?
What tasks lie ahead?
Where do I need to be?
What is on my calendar?

3) What is the WEATHER?
One of my adages is: there is no such thing as bad weather if you have the right gear.

This is especially applicable in the climes of the northeast where I spend the bulk of my time.

To me, a stylish woman is someone who can as easily flit around a beach as she can trudge through a slushy mud puddle in the middle of winter. It’s about being PREPARED and there’s nothing that will sap you of all confidence faster than dressing inappropriately for the weather.

Shivering and sniffling versus brazen and bold?

Put on a sweater and take your pick.

4) How will you get around? What is your TRANSPORTATION?
This is one of the few times we take care of the HOW – usually “how” is what we leave up to the Universe while we focus on the WHAT but in the instance of transportation, it’s logistical shit that must be considered.

Will you be driving? Walking? Taking public transportation?

5) WHAT would you wear if none of it mattered?
This question is a marked departure from the previous four and it invites you to take just 7 seconds to clear your mind and think: if I could chose to wear anything, what would I WANT to wear?

A vintage dress? A sequined romper? Don’t dismiss the desire regardless of how impractical it might be. Instead, acknowledge the item and take a breath while envisioning what your day would look like if you did decide to wear it. Have fun with the process. It’s good for you and your closet.

6) WHO are you being?
This question ties you into the Quantum Field which is a very scientific way of saying “the-benevolent-Universe-that-wants-to-give-you-everything-you-ever-wanted” but which responds best when you not just state what you want but you inhabit the desire.

You have choices:

Are you being the put-upon mom who is too tired to care about herself?


Are you being the billionaire who has it all?

Take your pick and dress accordingly.

7) What ONE item most closely aligns with all of the above?
Likely this item has already presented itself during your inquiry and if not, or if it needs some refining, refer to the 3 Antidotes.


DISCLAIMER: I always encourage EVERYONE to take some time to plan their outfits THE NIGHT BEFORE.

This allows time to locate everything and eliminate the morning shuffle/scramble/panic.

I know you did it in grade school… and high school… and maybe like me, in college and beyond.

It’s a strategy that works and I give you full permission to start employing it again.

These questions work at any time and best when accompanied by some space to fully expand as you step into the horizon of your ideal life.

Do yourself a favor, consider the process of getting dressed to be self-care because, after all, Your Closet is an Altar.

To hear me discuss these 7 Style Questions live, tune into a recent episode of THE HELENA SHOW where I touch on each one.

And, if you are looking to delve deeper into making your current closet work better for you, CLICK HERE to book a Touched By A Goddess virtual session. It’s my cornerstone offering and in just 1 hour we will create 3 complete looks (which represent countless outfits) that will have you rocking out at life whether it’s for an event, travel or anything in between.


Here are 7 Recommended Answers for the above

7 Style Questions:



A chiffon blouse is a must-have wardrobe staple – perfect alone or layered under blazers, sweaters and even knit dresses. Go for a print, buttons up front and at cuffs for ultimate versatility.


  • Client meetings
  • Networking
  • Pick up kids from school

A tailored blazer takes you everywhere you need to be while reminding you of how cool and beautiful you already are.


  • 3-Season
  • Outerwear
  • Layerable

Change out the sash for a cinched belt and you have yourself a wrap dress.


  • Walking
  • Driving
  • Public Transport

A stacked heel bootie supports you whether you are in a Maserati or on the MTA.


Just think of the day you would have wearing something statement-making like this jumpsuit? If you can’t make it work maybe it’s time to create a day that would be perfect for something like this?


Inhabit your desire with a cashmere crewneck that works as a tee shirt (worn against the skin) and as a layerable sweater. Accessible luxury for everyone from the mom to the multi-millionaire.


Bringing it all together with just ONE piece.

Accessorize accordingly.

Lessons of the Trail – 12/31/18

Lessons of the Trail – 12/31/18

Trail Zen

Chin up, look up for progress.

Intentional shifts provide stability.

Go fast, end up slow.

Go steady, end up fast.

The onomatopoeia of my skis made a pee-choo, pee-choo, pee-choo sound like a torpedo firing as I glided forward, climbing the mountain I grew up skiing down every winter and hiking up every summer – a mountain I have climbed from all sides and up every rock slide and frequently conquered on skis but never this way.

This was a new sensation; another step towards exploring my boundaries, the limits of my comfort zone.

Brantley my friend, and now unofficial guide when I’m seeking to do something slightly extreme, knew the route well; he often summits as the sun comes up yet somehow still makes it to work in Plattsburgh on time.

“I’m not as nervous as I was last year at this time. It was this day, wasn’t it?”

I laughed and confirmed that yes, it was this same day in 2017 that the two of us set out for a 10-mile backcountry ski to Avalanche Lake, deep in the 6 million-acre “forever wild” state park.

The temperature plummeted to 30 degrees below zero that day and a National Public Radio reporter was waiting at Marcy Dam to see who was crazy enough to be out in weather like that. It was my first day EVER on backcountry skis and it was a massive undertaking but also filled with moments of incredible bliss. You can read (or listen) by clicking HERE.

Most of that final day of 2017 I spoke about my desire to “skin” up Whiteface, a 46er in the Adirondack Mountains that is 10th on the list of forty-six High Peaks in the region that are over 4,000 feet in elevation.

And so here we were, exactly a year later ascending the man-made playground in the midst of supreme wilderness. A mountain with a continuous vertical drop of 3,430 feet (the highest in eastern North America), site of the 1932 and 1980 Olympics and affectionately dubbed “IceFace” so called for its unique boilerplate base layer.

Brantley was patient with me considering all my stops for gear and layer adjustment. He was easy, calm yet direct in his pointers and advice; the communication between expert and novice gentle but resolute.

Drag your toes as you take each step.

Chin up.

Look uphill – to where you are going.

Transfer your weight from one foot to the other. Be intentional.

Slow and steady wins; when you go fast you end up being slow.

My early morning internal cocktail of excitement and nerves metabolized by the time we reach the first nub of Boreen – I was pushing myself, breathing hard and feeling the heat accumulate at my core. I was a bit out of shape after the Christmas holiday but I was confident I would make it to the top.

Growing up, as I shivered every lift ride, I daydreamed about how good it would feel to climb up this mountain and ski down. It’s in my blood to feel this way. My grandfather was in the 10th Mountain Division and was known to ski up Mount Marcy (the highest point in New York State) for breakfast. His genes run deep throughout me even though I never knew him.

The early morning light turned from black to bluish grey as snowcats and snowmobiles with flashing lights rolled by leaving the permeating smell of diesel in their wake. It was a far cry from the stillness of the previous year’s journey but with more ease knowing we were still in civilized terrain, and monitored by all the ski patrollers on their morning rounds.

We approached another crest and Brantley suggested initiating the mid-way heel lift on my binding telling me the second setting, even higher, was for steeper terrain.

I giggled to myself thinking that the lift made me feel like I was in a pump, the higher setting like a stiletto.

We continued our steady pace though I needed multiple small breaks for layer adjustment and frequent changes in the heel lifts. Some of the pitches intimidated me and about ¾ of the way to the top, my ego kicked in…

You’re tired. Your hip hurts.

I can do this, I responded.

Who are you to think you can accomplish this?

I know I can do this. I AM DOING THIS, I shouted silently.

My body was screaming for mercy but knowing it was there, feeling slight discomfort in my left hip, fatigue in my muscles and listening to a pretty pronounced inner dialogue, that I was growing.

From Boreen we made our way up Excelsior which lead us to the top of “Little Whiteface” where the Cloudsplitter gondola deposits thousands of people on a holiday; ski patrol and another pair of skiers were the only other people.

We glided over to the observation deck to remove the skins from the bottom of our skis, add layers, snap the obligatory photos and selfies and officially clip into our bindings for the descent to the main lodge.

Three-thousand-eight-hundred-and-eighty feet above sea level was the perfect view to usher out the old and bring in the new.

Our ascent lasted 1.5 hours, the ski down took 10 minutes.

With every turn I remembered moments skiing here with my parents, my brothers, friends growing up and how free I had felt gathering speed on the steep decline after midstation, riding the momentum on the flattened part as Tower Ten becomes more gentle and where I always liked crossing my poles behind my back and just leaning into the front of my boots to move one ski in front of the other, turning just enough while staying straight.

Brantley skied ahead of me to snap a few photos. I raised my arms in victory for the camera.

I returned home to a quiet house, the waning crescent moon and Venus who had overseen my early morning departure were no longer visible in the bright sky, my endorphin high still intact but tempered by overwhelming fatigue from the 1,000 calories I had burned.

I took a hot shower, ate a massive breakfast and then laid down for a nap as I wrote these insights in my Tout Book (aka “journal”):

Trail Zen

Chin up, look up for progress.

Intentional shifts provide stability.

Go fast, end up slow.

Go steady, end up fast.

1)  Chin up, look up for progress – it was so easy to focus on the tips of my skis which meant my chin was tucked into my neck and my foresight was nonexistent. When I focused on where I was going, my strides were longer, more determined and I gained more ground. It made me think of being on the yoga mat: look to where you are going, my teacher often says.

2)   Intentional shifts provide stability – when I focused on transitioning my weight from one ski to the other, particularly on the “stiletto steep” terrain, I felt more confident and my skis responded better.

3)  Go fast, end up slow; go steady, end up fast – this pertains to the age-old parable of the tortoise and the hare. When you are climbing to great heights, slow and steady wins every time.

I’ve been reflecting on WTF these lessons have to do with the work I do and I have come to these points:

1) LAYERS ARE KEY – pretty much always, especially in winter and particularly when temperatures will be shifting. Layers add dimension to an outfit and support you with versatility because they can be added or stripped.

2) Good Gear Lasts 20 + years – notice the orange shell I’m wearing? I’ve had it since high school. I believe what we buy should support us for as long as possible and when you have the right gear (i.e. clothes) there is no such thing as bad weather.

This coming Saturday January 12, 2019 I am hosting an unprecedented group shopping excursion to the Wrentham Outlets, MA. This will be an intimate, highly curated experience for anyone willing to finally say “Today I Fix My Wardrobe”.

CLICK HERE for details and to sign up.

The TJMaxx-Induced Awakening

The TJMaxx-Induced Awakening

It’s not about the THING we are buying. It’s about the process of purchasing it, the decision-making, the experience.

This slightly philosophical statement comes from someone going through a massive phase of self-forgiveness.

For a long time I’ve been hiding behind my shame. And guilt. Two beasts of the same genus, separate species.

Here are the facts:

I love clothes.

I love new things.

I love to spend money until it’s gone.

You might imagine where this leads me.

You might also imagine how this might influence my work as a personal and brand stylist and my relationship to what I do.

I almost didn’t answer the calling to be a stylist because of a deep fear that it would propagate what I identified as an issue a long time ago.

How could helping women buy things help me with my problem of buying shit all the time?

Well, it’s actually helped a lot and on a recent Thursday morning in Boston, I had to break a vow I had made to myself and to my audience to not buy anything new until January – that the month when wardrobe investment is at its best due to retailers unloading inventory with massive sales and promotions.

What follows is an account of my experience at the Downtown Crossing TJMaxx which will forever hold a place in my heart.

Some of the content is painstakingly precise in describing (almost) everything I tried on, the pricing and, most importantly, the Q&A process behind what I eventually purchased.

There is entertainment mixed in with my insights and you might benefit from reading it because strong, distinctive personal style is all about strong, distinctive decision-making.

If you read on, thank you. Feel free to skim or just skip to the next set of dotted lines to get to the juicy bit. The TJMaxx-Induced Awakening. For just $24.99.

I needed new gloves. Plain black leather gloves, preferably lined with some sort of insulating material – wool always best. I dropped mine somewhere, my treasured ones and in the face of this loss, and with very cold, chapped hands, I allowed myself an excursion to TJMaxx to find a new pair.

I walked into the fluorescent fashion oasis with a mission. Black leather gloves or bust.

I was determined. Emboldened by my pledge to budget for the January sales at Wrentham.

But, I quickly strayed.

Of course the bags caught my attention. I’m currently interviewing for a new companion carryall and I prefer to meet this sort of purchase in person first.

Scanning the aisles of satchels, backpacks and crossbodies I reminisced about the days I would go and photograph the hardware and details in these very wire-racked, overstuffed walkways seeking inspiration when I felt stuck creating my own designs.

Handbags turned to belts – I was still in accessories so I was on the right path to finding my new gloves.

Or so I thought.

Either way I allowed myself a moment to pause at the belts. I tell all my clients to always go to the belt section and scan for something unique and preferably leather –I love a good belt and have a serious love affair with this particular wardrobe staple.

I was able to move on from the bags but it was hard not to consider the blue snakeskin print belt that was $3.99. Only size large and extra large left but it was cool, unique and even if a few sizes too big I thought it would be worth trying to wear it with a sweater dress by tying the extra length into a half knot.

I rolled it into my right hand, my focus now broken, my passion for style ignited, my pulse quickening as I thought of all the ways I could incorporate this inexpensive piece into my closet.

Maybe I could create a post about this belt? It would add some extra pizazz to my current belt collection. Maybe it would become a mainstay? Perhaps it would solve all my problems?

I found a saleswoman as I rounded the corner into lingerie and jumped at the opportunity to ask a human where to find what I was really in the store to purchase. She led me part of the way there and motioned further into the abyss.

Thanking her I made a visual note of where she had motioned but doubled back because I had seen a leopard print faux fur martini shaker that would be a perfect client gift.

Belt and martini shaker in either hand I was back on track to the glove section.

It took every ounce of me to put on the blinders past the Runway section but there was work to be done! Even one quick look for me is fatal.

The first pair of gloves that struck me was black leather with blue/black faux fox fur cuffs. They had an extra seam along the inside of the fingers so they made my hands look bulky and though I liked the flair, my go-to winter coat fell a little too long and mashed the fur. Interference.

I rounded the corner and tried a pair of leather ones with corseting running from the cuff down the back of the hand. Tech compatibility made them desirable and the lining was soft but polyester. I tried them on and my coat cuffs truncated the detailing. No good.

I returned to the wall and scanned again – a pair of genuine leather, black perforated ones jumped out at me. Wool lined. Made in Italy. Perfect. And at $24.99 so the most reasonable of the three I had considered.

I had found what I was looking for but I had already worked hard that morning and thought I might reward myself with a little meander, a detour on the way to the cash register.

HUGE mistake.

The TJMaxx vortex had already tempted and ensnared its lulled prey.

Gloves flowed into scarves and, as with belts, I often recommend checking out the scarf section because you never know what you might find.

Heaps of infinity scarves and of faux fur muffs cascaded down the wall. A leopard one with a dark grey beanie attached by plastic tab caught my eye. There was no price tag but I figured it couldn’t cost anymore than $20. Maybe this one would appease my ache for something new and fresh?

To look at myself in the mirror for an analysis, I had to make my way into the Runway section – right back on the highway to the DANGER ZONE.

The beanie was cute but a bit too tight. I knew it would leave me with a severe hathead even if the way it fit my head made my bangs look super cute. I loved the cozy feel of the neck muff but these thoughts made me question its practicality:

1) Respiration and it feeling “wet” from breathing on it

2) How warm was it really? It felt warm but I envisioned a solid Boston Wind whipping right through it and

3) What the hell to do with it when I wasn’t wearing it? It would be like carrying around a stuffed animal if it wasn’t around my neck.

As I considered all these questions while looking in the mirror I decided the muff and beanie could be left behind when…

…there it was.

An off-the-shoulder Elizabeth and James dress. Bright red.

On clearance for $39.00.

My heart skipped a beat.

Body con and bold. Beautiful, a well-established designer known for quality and marked down to bargain-basement pricing.

Style angels were blaring their trumpets.

The dam was breached. If I was going to try it on I might as well try on something else.

Very quickly my arms were full and they were cranky under the weight of the garments. Also, my brain was screaming at me.

What about your pledge?

What about your promise to invest in personal and business development over clothes?

What are you doing to yourself?

But how could I not at least try the items even if I was questioning my integrity.

I wondered if WikiHow has a post on how to cultivate integrity.

Stationed in a dressing room my efficient stylist side kicked in and I began filing through the items quickly starting with dresses. The red dress was a bombshell, as expected, though skewed towards the hussie side and I quickly realized the stain on the sleeve was not the only defect; the back of the neck hem was nearly torn to shreds. It was salvageable, I could repair it and I imagined getting lots of attention at hubs’ holiday work holiday gathering.

Definitely in the consideration pile.

A Theory cable knit sweater dress was up next and at first glance seemed just the thing I would love to live in now and through the winter months but taking it off, I turned into a static cling commercial. No good though somehow the $117 clearance rack price tag swayed me and I kept it in the consideration pile.

The Velvet Vince slipdress dipped low in the back. Too revealing and not at all versatile even if it was a “steal” at $69.00.

Next onto the blouses. The silk rag and bone tie neck (Oh, how I love tie necks) assured me that it was silk but still felt like polyester and I just couldn’t envision myself ever being excited to wear it.


A poof-shoulder denim Paige button-down johnny collar– I had to ask myself do I like it for me or because I think I will get a compliment on it?? Only $39.00 but I knew it would not make it into next season and the poof sleeves wouldn’t work under layered under a sweater.

Which brought me to the sweaters.

I loooooove, love looooooove sweaters. Especially cashmere. I’m a total sucker. And this Skull Cashmere sweater did something to me. The perfect blend of everything cool and cosy. This was the piece that led me to check all my account balances and consider moving money around.

I could have done it.

Then I consulted my inner wisdom.

My typical MO is to say yes but I’m often in a position to say yes to everything and this time, it felt different – purchasing this super cute sweater I could see myself wearing multiple times would invalidate everything I had promised myself, and my audience, I was doing.

I asked myself a series of questions – the deliberation had begun.

Do I need this sweater?

No answer.

Will I regret not buying this sweater?

No Answer

Will I feel better NOT buying this sweater today?


And so, I put everything back on hangars and returned the 10-items card to the nice lady playing dressing room sentinel.

Nothing today? She asked. What about that red dress?

I showed her the damage and she said they shouldn’t even be selling it – ask for a steeper discount.

No, I said. I’m just here for the gloves.

I had the cashier cut the tags so I could wear the gloves out. The truth was, even the $24.99 was a stretch for me at that very moment but the purchase felt different than any I had made. Maybe ever.

I experienced true integrity and knew I had given myself the proof I needed that I could walk into a temptation vortex like TJMaxx and, wearing black leather gloves, stick to my proverbial guns.

As I headed for the escalator, the warm winter sun was streaming in through the massive glass window and it caught my face at an angle that made me feel like this decision was the beginning of something truly remarkable.

This was one small step closer to truly embodying the CEO who knows how to shop with integrity and buy a pair of leather gloves. Period.

Helena will be hosting a group shopping excursion at the Wrentham Outlets in early January. To sign up for more information email



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Hello, WHOA-MAN!

Yeah, that’s right. You are a bombshell. A knockout. A GODDESS.

And I mean, come on. We all know woman came first.  

(Sorry, Adam. You’ve been lied to all these years).

So I want to know…when did women start shaming themselves? Where did we go so awry and move away from our essence? Our POWER?

I know it’s on the INSIDE but it is up to us to change the conversation with ourselves.

Starting Monday, November 26th I’m hosting a Body Positivity Celebration because we women are miraculous machines and when we honor the vessel given to us, our bodies respond in amazing ways.

Join me in this 7-day online summit of everything that makes us *WHOA-MEN* beautiful.

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How will you fete your fabulousness? Let me help you. Get ready to accessorize and ignite your femininity.


Below is what I wrote in response to a recent incident when I bore witness to my 4 year-old daughter being body-shamed. It was perfectly innocent but it was not ok.

And so I truly believe…


It is up to us

to change the conversation –

alter shame and perspective

turn them into celebration.

Different is not bad,

change is not the enemy;

uniqueness makes us powerful

we are a force all our own.

It is up to us

to embrace who we are

as we are, eternally

without restraint.

Our strength resides within

where it is easy to protect,

and sometimes hide,

because that is what we think we must do.

It is up to us –

the we of femininity,

from which all life originates,

to change the conversation



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I keep wondering where it began, this conversation that leads women to self-loathing.

We can blame so many external influences and though i don’t deny that other people’s words have a profound impact (I’ve been the victim of body-shaming, too) I feel all the more called to empower each one of us against the harshest critic of all – ourselves.

When we embrace who we are, as we are, we are more powerful and our bodies (and brains) respond positively to our desires.

But when we beat ourselves up, when we fixate on the “fat” and “imperfections” we hinder our progress.

Let’s do something about it.

CLICK HERE to join my 7-Day Body Positivity Celebration

All you need to do is submit your email (and click for the double opt-in) and on Monday, November 26th I will be sending daily emails with inspiration and insight on how to love who and what you are RIGHT NOW.

It’s about choice and how we chose to support ourselves in our efforts. Choice in how we express ourselves.

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Foundational Pieces for a Fabulous Wardrobe

Foundational Pieces for a Fabulous Wardrobe

You know the feeling the instant you put on the garment.

You are powerful. Unstoppable. Ready for anything.

And it doesn’t have to be an anomaly.

With a wardrobe comprised of carefully selected, well-curated pieces, you can step into any outfit, any time and experience the confidence you need to tackle any day in every way.

It’s not about quantity.  It’s about QUALITY.

Not long ago, for me, it was the opposite. I was shopping all the time and had serious closet overwhelm. Every time I got dressed, all my clothes would end up on the bed.

The process went something like this:

Vacate the closet… exhaust myself putting together something that might get compliments because a lot of it was new.

Shove everything back in the closet.



In my journey away from those slightly {ahem} “shopaholic” tendencies, I now embrace that the overstuffed racks of a fast fashion store will not solve my problems.

What we wear says so much more without speaking and I have found that an empowered feeling comes from garments that stand for something; clothes with a deeper message and meaning; clothes that support me in my life and lifestyle because they are glamorous no matter what I am doing whether it is gliding to a client meeting or running around with my 4-year-old.

When you are curating your wardrobe, one that allows you to dress intuitively, I recommend starting with a foundation of pieces that are both fabulous and versatile.


Here are my picks:


1)   UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING DRESS: dresses are ALWAYS my go-to because the eliminate decision fatigue: one garment. Zip. Done. Accessorize as necessary. And there’s a dress style that looks good on EVERYONE and is appropriate for every occasion: cap-sleeve, natural waist, flared skirt. One of my personal favorites for this type of design is the line called Lalla Bee because everything she creates is perfection on its own.


The dress I am wearing (pictured here) is even more memorable when I #PutABeltOnIt and finish the look with tights, booties and a metallic blazer.



The embroidered florals add an extra feminine touch, the stretch in the sleeves means I can hail a cab as easily as I can lift my 42-lbs mini-me.



And the pockets…ohhhh, the POCKETS! Set me free! Deep enough and hidden between the folds of the skirt, ready to take up the weight of my car key, phone, a lipstick.  



Best of all, this is a design that make me feel like doing a twirl. Clothes are a celebration – they should make you want to dance as quickly as they should make you feel like you can take on the world.


Shop this dress and all other Lalla Bee styles for a 20% discount!


2)   SWEATER THAT FEELS LIKE A ROBE: There are those items you feel like you could live in – they are so versatile that they look equally fabulous with your yoga clothes as they do with jeans or a dress and boots.



You try it on and you just know. You think: I can’t live without it and what did I do before I had it? It wraps around you perfectly, cinches at the waist and highlights all your best assets making you feel like the goddess that you are.



This particular Portmanteau was partly inspired by me when I styled the fashion show for La Fille Colette. This powerhouse designer has been on my radar since 2016. Her designs are unique, forward thinking and, best of all, her clothes are sustainably made in America with incredible craftsmanship and quality materials. The Portmanteau is the newest addition to her line and I plan to live in it every season from now to eternity.



Shop La Fille Colette for the Portmanteau and all other style with THIS LINK and receive a 10% discount off your purchase.


3)   OUTERWEAR THAT PROTECTS AND PROJECTS: Wherever you live, you likely need some sort of outerwear whatever your geography.



We on the East Coast (i.e. New England), multiple coats and jackets are required to span the range of weather we encounter. But the one style that is sure to be worn incessantly? The Classic Trench Coat. For me this one by Yellowcake was love at first glance. The minute I put it on I knew I had a lifer with its impeccable tailoring, thick and sturdy twill, cavernous pockets and best of all, stretch along the underside of the sleeves. I wear it as a topper and as a dress – it’s that amazing.  



Go ahead, rain on my parade. In this trench I will never feel a drop.


I work with these labels of an affiliate basis because I BELIEVE wholeheartedly in the women behind the brands.


I know them personally and I know their products well. Because you are a part of my amazing audience, I can offer you beneficial discounts on these above listed items that will surpass most of what is currently in your wardrobe.  

**Beware: WATERFALL EFFECT in the direction of a well-curated closet is a distinct possibility.**

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